Magento, X-Men First Class

X-Men First Class is doing something interesting to generate attention in the release of it’s first trailer – they want you to become their Facebook friend!

By clicking the handy “LIKE!” button (potential) fans of the movie will be able to check out the trailer literally SECONDS before the rest of the internet does. The trailer will be released sometime today, Thursday, February 10.

But wait! There’s more!

According to the press release, “As the number of fans who share the trailer grows, a specially designed X-App will subsequently unlock special content. The X-App gives users the power to evolve their Facebook experience and customize their profile pictures.”

So, basically, I guess you’ll be able to change your avatar like everyone one their Mom did last year when they came out with that Mad Men avatar generator?

Oh, well. What can it hurt? I’m already a fan of “Sleep” on Facebook. This can’t be much worse…