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  1. Wil

    I’ve got no lost love for Shia Bidoof, either. He’s come across as something of a pompous jerk in every post-Holes interview I’ve seen him in. As for the Transformers 3 teaser, I’m sure I’ll see it, but I think I’ll wait for the DVD on this one unless friends want to see it in theaters. The trucks crashing and transforming in mid-flip was pretty cool though.

  2. Chuck

    To tell you what I think of this comic, let me share a converstaion I had with my boyfriend recently.

    Him: So I noticed [from the Facebook “About” section] that Theater Hopper hates Shia. Did that solidify your love for the comic.
    Me: >.> Maybe….

    I went on to clarify that I already liked it, but picking on Shia made it BETTER, so there you have it. Great strip today.

    • David

      I must admit, the hating on Shia certainly cemented my love for this webcomic even more. I mean, I just don’t think he’s a good actor at all. I did enjoy Eagle Eye, mostly cause he gets his ass kicked in it, but the movie failed when it let him survive his bullet wound. It would have been the best movie ever if Shia had died in it!! 😀

  3. bman

    If you check out, there’s more of a teaser there that helps with the title of the movie a bit. After watching THAT trailer, I was surprised the movie had Shia in it at all… Whatev.

  4. James Tracy
    James Tracy

    Transformers….Hmmmm? So the city of LA got allllllll that destruction from the first go round cleaned up and repaired? Must have been Union labor,lol. So much for “Keep the humans Safe” and “No fighting within the populace”. I’m sure the ACLU will be getting calls after the dust settes. This movies franchise suck’s. I will watch it free on the internet like the last time.

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