So instead of doing a “cast photo” like I hinted at on Wednesday, I couldn’t resist trying to tie a bow on this arc by explaining Victor’s actions and his new, “no costume” policy.

However, now I’m afraid that I’ve created more questions than I’ve answered by introducing Victor’s formal rival, Burian.

Who is Burian? What is his history with Victor? The world may never know.

But if you’re curious, Burian is Ukranian for “Near The Woods” or “God’s Child.” At least, according to this web site it is. So, as you can see, I’ve done a little research. That counts as an investment in the character, doesn’t it?

All I know is that Furry Vengeance is a ridiculous movie title and I couldn’t let it go without commenting on it somehow.

Seriously, is anyone watching out for Brenden Fraser these days? It’s one misfire after another with this guy. Extreme Measure didn’t do so hot and it had HARRISON-FRIGGIN-FORD in it. Fraser is like box office kryptonite. If he’s in a movie, I don’t want to see it.

I mean, I thought this little stunt from the Golden Globes earlier this year was embarassing…

…but to attach your name to a movie called FURRY VENGEANCE?… Brenden, take your meds.

That’s it for me today. Also, I haven’t forgotten the Iron Man 2 review I promised you. It’s still sitting on my desktop, half-written. I just haven’t had an opportunity to finish it yet. Hopefully I will soon. But now that the movie has been out for two weeks, I guess it’s a little anti-climactic.

Oh, well. I want it to be “on-the-record,” so I’ll get around to publishing it soon. Thanks for your patience on that one.

BTW – Anyone seeing MacGruber this weekend? I’m really excited to see it. I think it looks hilarious. I know Will Forte isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think he’s probably one of the most undervalued performers on Saturday Night Live. I’m really curious how they’ve managed to stretch out a :30 second sketch into a full-length movie. I think sending up 80s action movies and asking all of the other performers to treat it completely seriously is the exact right way to go about it.

If you have dreams of making life-saving inventions out of household materials, leave your comments below.

Or maybe you want to talk about Furries and Ukranian baby names. I don’t know. HAVE AT IT!

↓ Transcript
But what about Victor's "No Costume" policy?

When did that happen?

He created the new policy a week ago when Furry Vengeance came out.

He said it was a “preventative measure” to protect him from a former rival.

Victor said his name was Burian.