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So, like most of the free world, I saw Iron Man 2 over the weekend and felt pretty good about it. I know a few of you are dying to get my official review, but I don’t think today is going to be the day. To be frank, I’m working on a paper for one of my Master’s classes that’s due Tuesday. So pretty much 90% of my brain is dedicated to that right now.

I might have something for you Tuesday or Thursday. I’m thinking about publishing it on an “off” day for the site because I know there’s going to be a lot of spoiler territory I want to cover. I’ll assume the majority of you who are interested in my review are comfortable with that. But with the odd chance that someone who hasn’t seen the movie and isn’t aware of my relationship with the character were to stumble upon it… Well, I don’t want problems.

I can give you an overview – although, take my comments with a grain of salt. I’m heavily biased in favor of the franchise.

I thought Iron Man 2 was much more polished than it’s predecessor, but it glosses over some important story elements that I wished it would have spent more time on.

Most prominently, I wish the movie did more than give lip service to the Iron Man technology and how it changed the world. We see news clippings about Iron Man helping to bring peace in the Middle East and how he’s Time’s Person of the Year. But the movie never really SHOWS us the ways in which Tony Stark’s involvement in geo-politics has transformed the global landscape.

I’m not asking for a 15-minute montage, or anything. But seeing the suit in action in a few different locations would have added some texture and made the plot point revolving around Garry Shandling’s Senator who wants the Iron Man technology turned over to the government a little more meaningful.

That’s probably the biggest thing the movie gets wrong. The biggest thing the movie gets RIGHT is it’s depiction of Tony’s ego and how it gets in the way of his genius.

Iron Man has always had a very weak rogue’s gallery. Whiplash’s inclusion in the sequel is evidence of this. That’s because Iron Man’s greatest opponent has never been some advanced tech-wielding mercenary. Iron Man’s greatest villain has always been Tony Stark.

There are more than a few scenes that sell this point magnificently, although they don’t always leave the best taste in your mouth. I think in the context of a super hero movie (and it’s limited running time), people aren’t interested in the hero being a jerk for 60% of the movie. So I think they took a gamble by amplifying those aspects of Tony’s personality. But, for me, they worked brilliantly.

I could very easily keep going and going about Iron Man 2, but I think I’ll stop there for now. Keep checking back on the site for a full review in the near future.

Now that I’m thinking about it, it’ll probably be Thursday before you see it. I’m contemplating a second viewing of the movie on Wednesday night. Not for review purposes exclusively, mind you. But because I genuinely enjoyed the film and am very eager to see it again.

That probably doesn’t carry a lot of weight with you, but I don’t often see movies in the theaters twice. I didn’t even see the original Iron Man in the theaters twice. So that I’m willing to see the sequel more than once should serve to reflect my overall enjoyment of the film.

There are nitpicky criticisms to be sure. But ultimately, I think most people are going to enjoy the film and leave it having been entertained.

Care to dispute me? Leave your comments below. Let’s talk shop!

I’ll talk to you soon!…

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