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  1. CJ

    As someone who works for a company that produces and distributes porn, I’m trying to gauge just how offended I should be by this comic. Then again, if I was the easily offended type I probably picked the wrong employer.

    • Tom


      I never thought I would have to contend with the idea of upsetting the sensibilities of the porn industry.

    • WG

      @CJ, I would think that working in the porn industry you would be used to being the butt of a lot of jokes. I thought it came with the territory.

  2. noodles

    I assume the obvious name would be “Get-Ass”?

  3. Lance J. M.
    Lance J. M.

    @CJ: I’m with WG, but even so.

    @Tom: Yeah, this comic could have stayed with the first panel and been funnier. I know that Friday’s will be funnier, though. I still love TH and can’t believe that it’s almost been 2 years since I started reading. 🙂

    • Staatz

      @Lance J. M., Yea, I loved the first panel too, but the third one where the porn-board-of-directors look completly out of it is hilarious as well.

  4. CJ

    No worries; we are definitely the butt of many jokes, and at least half of those are the ones we make. Not offended at all, just amused.

  5. Edrondol

    @CJ: Do you guys all walk around in robes with nothing on but tighty whiteties? ‘Cause that look is HAWT!

    Tom, I love the name “Pornography Company”. The other day I went to the “Overly Expensive Gas & Crap Store” and picked me up some soda made by the “We Know It’s Bad For You But You’ll Buy It Anyway Corporation”.

    I think more companies should be so descriptive.

    • CJ

      @Edrondol, No, and sadly all attempts to institute a policy of “No-Pants Fridays” have been shot down by HR.

  6. WG

    Now that I’ve gone back and looked at it again. I like how you gave Waste Management free advertising, but you didn’t plug any specific porn company.

  7. woodstock

    everyone should learn to laugh at themselves.

  8. raygun21

    Uh…didn’t they do this joke with Adrien Brody on SNL with the move “The Pianist”?

    • Tom


      Seems to me there would be the potential to do this kind of joke with several different movie titles.

      • raygun21

        Not the movie title per se, but rather the idea that the porno guys couldn’t come up with a title regardless of how obvious it is.
        Sketch transcript

        Oh, and apparently Brody got banned from SNL for his improved intro for Sean Paul.

  9. Chris Howard

    You could do it for almost any movie, that’s sorta the point. The trick is choosing one’s that will be particularly punny or evocative. DAS BOOBS, 2069: The Year We Make Contact, The Unbearable Lightness of Peeing, whatever.


  10. trevor

    Having not done any coke in the 70s, about a thousand titles pop to mind. Someone out there in porno-land needs to send me a paycheck!

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