Just wanted to let you guys know that I added a new feature to the site that allows you to reply directly to a specific comment in the comments thread. Before, new comments would show up at the bottom of the page. But now if you want to address someone directly, your comment will appear immediately below theirs! Pretty cool, huh?

The plugin also affords you the opportunity to be notified when someone responds to one of YOUR comments. How cool is that?

Incidentally, this is the plugin I’m using. I might need a little help customizing it for the site. For example, the “Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail” check box appears in the lower left corner of the comment input field. I’d like to get it a little closer to the “Submit Comment” button.

If any of you have WordPress or plugin experience, let me know. I could use a little help.

Enjoy the new feature!