I got the idea for today’s comic from the comments section of Friday’s comic. It actually hadn’t occurred to me that we haven’t heard Scarlett Johansson speak in-character as the Russian spy, The Black Widow. You’d think after two theatrical trailers and a few online profile pieces, it would have turned up somewhere.

But, no. Production is keeping her under wraps for some reason and it doesn’t make a lot of sense. I mean, isn’t Johansson considered an A-lister? Maybe not. At least not when you look at her resume. But I think her appearance in a comic book movie would certainly be an advantage?

But, yeah… The complaint that we don’t hear Johansson speak cropped up again in the comments section on Friday. It’s kind of an old complaint, but a valid point. I’ve been hearing people speculate on this for a while now. It’s a minor quibble that I think is representative of Johansson’s status as a sex object than a serious actress. People automatically assume the worst.

I dunno. I’m kind of rooting for her. Despite her sometimes wooden acting, Johansson has always been a favorite of mine. Considering she’s kind of been floating around, doing cameos for the last couple of years, she could probably use a hit.

Not much else for me to talk about this morning except that I’ve been busy packing up orders of Theater Hopper: Year Three from the Kickstarter campaign that ended in December. So, if you’re one of the people that pre-ordered a book, know that I’m trying to get them out the door. It’s just been difficult since Pearl doesn’t really settle down until after 9:00 PM. So that only leaves a couple of hours to work on book orders until I have to crash out myself.

I have all of the envelops addressed, though. So, hopefully, with that prep work out of the way, I can hit the ground running. Custom sketches will slow me down, but I plan on posting pictures of them for you guys to see.

Which reminds me, I should probably change the store so those of you who didn’t pre-order can actually BUY a copy of the book now if you want to. I’ll be selling the regular edition for $15 and an “artist edition” with sketch for $20. I’ll post an update here when I get around to that.

That’s all for now! Any thoughts about Johansson in Iron Man 2? Leave your thoughts below!

↓ Transcript
So I finally saw the new Iron Man 2 trailer and it was awesome like I expected.

But I'm concerned that we haven't heard Scarlett Johansson's character SPEAK yet!

Johansson plays a Russian spy - The Black Widow.

I'm concerned she won't be able to pull off the accent!

Iron Man 2 has Scarlett Johansson running around in a leather cat-suit and you're CONCERNED if she'll pronounce her "V's" like "W's?"

What's WRONG with you?