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  1. Mark Monlux

    When viewing a remake I think it’s important to compare it to the original. In which case the updated schlock might – might – be better than shlock from three decades ago.

    • Tom

      The effects will probably be better, at least.

  2. Andre

    I love how the eyes and eyebrows tell the whole story. Great strip!

  3. doobjank

    My favorite comic in a long time, Tom. Amazing job!

    I’m really looking forward to The Crazies. I’m hoping it’s the best Thriller so far this year.

  4. Lance J. M.
    Lance J. M.

    Classic Brazelton!

    • Tom

      Wow. I kind of thought this comic was going to be a dud.

      Thanks, guys!

  5. Andre

    Well, I’m trying to be a bit more positive with my comments as I realize I’ve been rather negative with them recently… 😉

  6. skulldaisygimp

    “The Crazies” is a movie title that’s only *slightly* less lame than “The Happening.” Even as a fan of B-rated zombie flicks, I have little interest in seeing this; they’re not even real “zombies,” they’re just, um “crazies.” If I wanted to watch crazy rednecks kill or eat people, I’d simply rent Wrong Turn for a ninth the price of a movie ticket. 😛 I kid about the redneck thing, O ye people of Iowa, but perchance you get my drift.

  7. doobjank

    If there was an option to buy a print of this strip, I would in a heartbeat.

    • Tom


      There will soon be an option to buy prints of the comics with the next site redesign! Gonna try and keep them cheap. $5.00, no shipping. Stay tuned!

  8. trevor

    You too? I thought I was the only one who used to get “the crazies.” You had better toys, though. I had to use a plastic sword.

  9. Brian

    The original was actually quite boring. Most non zombie related Romero movies usually are unfortunately. The guy may only do one thing but at least he does it very, very well.

  10. jon

    Never commented before, but I have to say the last couple strips have been the best I’ve seen for awhile! Keep up the good streak! 😀

  11. joshua

    I just read the plot to the original on Wikipedia. I had a small hope that it might be something more than the trailers portrayed it as simply because Olyphant, but if it’s anything like the original, it’ll just be predictable tripe. I may watch it if someone else rented it.

  12. James M
    James M

    I just re watched the original last night. Fantastic movie. People complain that it’s not a zombie movie, but in a way it is. It has the elements that make the early Romero zombie movies amazing, all it’s missing is the dead walking around.

    Tom, I highly recommend giving the original a try. It’s a great piece of film making from Mr. Romero.

  13. Link the Zora
    Link the Zora

    Like everyone else is saying, check out the original as well.

    I’m not sure why I’m getting this feeling, but my sniffer tells me I’ve heard of something like this elsewhere, a toxin in the water turning everyone insane. I may have seen the original in a movie store once and just can’t remember. :/

  14. Gray

    This comic is brillaint. It had me rolling, at the office. I’m pretty sure all my coworkers now think I’m completely nuts. 🙂

    • Tom

      Thank you, Gray!

      You know, there’s only one way to keep your co-workers from thinking you’re nuts. You have to share this comic with as many of them as possible! 😉

  15. Chris

    It seems all the really great hollywood movies have been remade recently and now they are schlocking through the B’s. In twenty years time I shudder to think the movies they’ll be remaking

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