The Book of Eli, Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, disingenuous

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  1. taekwondogirl

    I don’t know why, but this made me laugh incredibly hard. I think it helps that I heard, and also uttered, it as a child. Hah.

    I’m not really interested in the movie, and I’ve heard all sorts of cries against it from the video game geeks; it seems to have an uncanny likeness to Fallout 3.

  2. Andre

    I won’t be seeing this one in a theater as Denzel Washington is one of those actors that I can’t stand most of the time. Not exactly sure why, but I just don’t. Him and Sean Penn. I think it’s because they chase after big roles all the time. You know, only accepting roles that have a good chance at putting you near an Oscar nomination. I don’t have many actors on that list, but those two certainly are on it for me.

    • Tom

      From everything I’ve heard about Denzel Washington, he’s a little bit of a jerk. But, then again, I think his acting talent supports that a little bit. He’s usually very good in most every role. Sean Penn, too.

      I can see why those two actors might rub you the wrong way, though. They’re both a little egotistical.

  3. Chris

    Wow I never heard of it before. Sure I’m not the most up to date on my movies, but I figured I would have at least heard of a movie with Denzel Washington. Has his star burnt out?

  4. D.

    This movie does have an air of an anti-climaxtic ending.

  5. Wombat

    I’ll probably see it, I think it looks interesting.

    Though I’ve been told I’m a terrible critic because “I never hate any movies.” I don’t think that’s true though, I’m just less harsh as a critic for 2 reasons: a) I don’t pay for movies and a bad movie is always made a bit better when I realize I didn’t pay to see it and b) I’ve seen “Batman and Robin”. I actually re-watch this movie every now and then to remind myself just how bad movies can really be.

  6. Adam Clarke
    Adam Clarke

    no, I’m certain 8 year old Cami was much too mature for that. She always seemed to be a step ahead of the rest. We on the other hand are still laughing at fart jokes. 😉

  7. trevor

    I’m curious to see The Book of Eli…but then again, I also want to go see Avatar again on the IMAX.

  8. wren1313

    Like most movies in January, it will be relegated to the Netflix queue for me. I think January new movie releases are always a bit lost on me because I am still trying to catch up from the great December releases (e.g. saw Sherlock Holmes this week) & seeing films that are on the Oscar short list that have finally made it to my city. So Young Victoria & Imaginarium of Dr Parnasssus are on my agenda for this holiday weekend along with the Golden Globes.

  9. Nuke

    I usually like post-apocalyptic stuff, and the trailers for the movie look decent, but what really turns me off is the severe monochromatic look of the film. Just turns me off. I’m saving my January movie for either Sherlock Holmes and/or Legion (supernatural apocalyptic movie ftw). “Book of Eli” will probably be Netflix’d when it comes out there.

    • Tom

      I read a review of The Book of Eli that said “apparently the first victim of the nuclear holocaust was color.”

  10. frenchmaidrobot

    Dear Tom,
    Fart joke + religion? Genius.


  11. Reinforcements

    I pretty much lost any interest in this movies when I read reviews that said that the titular Book is, in fact, what it obviously is. Actually I found out a little more than that and REALLY lost interest.

  12. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    I do want to see it, mainly for one reason: Gary Oldman as a probably-crazy villain. That’s all it takes, really, considering Oldman’s track record with such villains.

    • Tom

      “Get me everyone…”

      “What do you mean ‘everyone’?”


  13. Chuck

    I had older male cousins. I suppose that’s why I appreciate this joke despite having never been an eight year old boy. And by the way, one of those cousins was quite gassy, and always looking to pass the blame.

  14. Mel

    Now, do you know about the allegory to the smelt it dealt it maxim? It is: “He who denied it, supplied it.”

  15. Dr. Halpinstein
    Dr. Halpinstein

    It has a less biblical sound… you could turn it into a political cartoon where religion and science are arguing about greenhouse gases.

  16. taekwondogirl

    Hahaha. I almost never find toliet humor funny, but that could be epic.

  17. Gray

    I just got back from seeing The Book of Eli and thought it was dull as dishwater. The opening scene was interesting, but almost immediately afterward the movie degenerates into a bland, tasteless blur. Two hours of your life, you will never recover. And could someone explain to me why cannibals would have shaky hands? That just doesn’t make sense.

  18. doobjank

    I saw Daybreakers last week, and it was a lot better than I expected it to be. I’m leaving for Book of Eli in 10 minutes, and I’ve been excited for this movie since I saw the first trailer. Now Legion next week, I’m not so sure about, but I’ll see it anyway!

  19. Dave

    I believe human brain tissue contains Prions which I think cause neurological damage when consumed by humans. This could result in symptoms such as shaky hands in the early stages.

  20. Chris

    Disappointed in Cami.
    My 30-year-old wife not only knows that phrase, but has used it against me on more than one occasion!

  21. Damien

    Whoever said the rhyme, did the crime.

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