I gotta give it up to Josh Anderson from Game U and his excellent guest strip. When I put out the call for guest strips, Josh was the first to answer. I’ve been sitting on this strip since October 27 – which is even more amazing when you consider Josh had the presence of mind to reference both Avatar and It’s Complicated. I wanted to publish Josh’s comic earlier to reward him, but he made it so darn timely! Plus, he found the sweet spot when it comes to the relationship stuff I like to hit on from time to time with Tom and Cami. All around excellent work that needs to be rewarded by everyone visiting Josh’s site, Game U. Let Josh know what a great job he did!

Not much of a status update for me to talk about except that we’re just trying to get ourselves organized for Christmas and visiting family.

Apparently, Iowa is supposed to be slammed with freezing drizzle, ice covered roads and blowing snow over the holidays. So even though we don’t have to travel far, it’s making everyone anxious. We’ll see what happens.

It would be nice if we could get away for a couple of hours to see a movie. Cami is very interested in seeing It’s Complicated and I have to admit – despite the fact that it’s another piece of affluent copper kettle fluff from director Nancy Meyers – I’m interested in seeing it, too.

I’m sorry, but you can’t bring together a cast like Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin and just disavow it. That’s some A-level talent right there. All of them are actors I admire.

I’m also very interested in seeing Sherlock Holmes. Although I imagine it to be the exact opposite of It’s Complicated in nearly every way. Guy Ritchie’s films are all about unchecked, sweaty machismo. Meyer’s films are all about women with authority and fabulous kitchens with unchecked square footage.

I think Ritchie is a director that has never really lived up to his potential. He delivered something unique with Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, but he’s never been able to match it. I don’t expect Sherlock Holmes to reverse that trend for him.

Still, it’s got Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law and – from the trailers – they look like they have some really interesting chemistry. So even if the film looks like the sloppy backwash of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I think we’ll still be treated to some good performances.

Last thing I’ll leave you with for today – we’ve been making some AMAZING strides on the fund raising campaign for Theater Hopper: Year Three. There were some big pledges over the last couple of days and want to extend my SINCERE THANKS to those of you who have lent your support.

As of this posting we are 87% funded with a measly $460 left to go! I’m feeling confident that we can raise the few remaining dollars, but I don’t want to rest on my laurels. We have only ONE WEEK LEFT to make goal. If we don’t, then I won’t see ANY of the money and the book will likely never be published.

If you haven’t pledged to the fund raising campaign yet, please pledge today. With the holidays approaching, I’m concerned that we’ll lose momentum or that people might forget about the campaign. Even if it’s only a dollar, it gets us that much closer to goal and will hopefully inspire others to put us over the top!

In the meantime, expect another guest comic here on Friday. If you’d like to leave your thoughts about It’s Complicated or Sherlock Holmes below, I’d love to hear them! What movies are you planning to see over the Christmas holiday? Will you cross the gender aisle and see both films? Let’s talk about it!

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We have to go see Avatar. It's about this planet called Pandora and there's these Na'vi things that are blue and them humans can become the blue guys and so the main guy has to choose a side and there's giant mechs and a war and it's awesome.

We have to see It's Complicated. It's about a woman whose husband cheats on here and so they divorce and she starts dating an architect but then she and her ex end up having an affaird, making her the other woman and it looks awesome.

Eh... I don't really get it, but I'll see it if you want.

Eh... I don't really get it, but I'll see it if you want.


Surprisingly good for a sci-fi movie.


Surprisingly good for a romantic comedy.

LOVE - It's realizing you're both nerds on the inside.