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  1. j00ky

    This comic hit close to home with me since the EXACT same thing happened when I went to see Ninja Assasin yesterday afternoon and happens to me frequently at the movies. I find it interesting that we are sort of on the same page regarding going to the movies. Ninja Assasin was quite enjoyable and I think “shut off your brain movie” describes it quite well. I enjoyed the movie but was really annoyed by the supernatural Ninjas and the pretty ridiculous noise that was made when they would throw the ninja stars at high speed.

    • Tom

      I agree with you about the throwing stars and wanted to say something about it in my review. But I felt like I had been nit-picky enough.

      It *is* ridiculous, though. These ninjas are throwing these weapons at a velocity that sounds like they’re being fired out of a catapult.

  2. Edrondol

    My wife and I went to see Up at the dollar theater a week or so ago. So we’re in the theater which is empty except for us. So this family comes in and starts to sit directly in front of us. My wife says something along the lines of, “Really?” and they turn and look at us like we’re the rude ones.

    So when they don’t move I wait until the movie starts and then move in front of them. They complain. I say, “How is this different than what you did to us?” They had no answer but were upset and moved to the other side of the aisle.

    I TOTALLY get your comic today.

    • Tom


      That’s an awesome story.

      I’ve really only moved from my seat once or twice if I didn’t like who I was sitting around or near. I’m way more self-conscious about that kind of thing because it comes off like a kind of passive-aggressive protest. To get up and move to another seat without saying anything? If I were the other guy, I’d be wondering what the problem was.

      I’m much more comfortable telling someone who is talking to shut up during a movie than I am to get up and move to another seat if I don’t like what’s going on around me.

  3. Josh88

    I didn’t have a problem with the supernatural ninja because I felt that it reflected the myth/folklore that historically surrounded ninjas. Ninjas were historically portrayed in stories as having superhuman powers such as scaling walls with their bare hands or even walking across water as well as more “out-there” powers such as flight, shape-shifting, and the ability to summon giant animals to help them. These sort of powers can be seen in the anime/manga Naruto, which is about kids born into a ninja clan training to become master ninja. Ninja’s were often suspected to be demons, a fear that is reflected by the old man/tattoo artist at the beginning of the movie who refers to them as demons.

    I actually thought that it was cool that the movie incorporated some of that into the movie as opposed to the regular ninjas only as martial arts masters approach. Plus, they did it without going too crazy and having Raizo summon a giant toad to help him fight. Not that this makes the movie any less cheese, the cheese is just a bit fresher this way.

    However, it is not without its faults. The ending was way too predictable. But I guess considering the cheese level I can’t expect too much more. The whispering noises they made as they came out of the shadows were just weird and made no sense, however they really did add to the creepiness of watching an army of ninjas rise from the shadows, plus it freaked out my girlfriend which was fun haha. My final complaint is the fact that Raizo only used half of the kusaram kama (the chain the a blade at the end) during the whole movie. The other end of the chain has a large steel ball or weight at the end that is part of the weapon. It is used similarly to a foxtail, you swing the chain to gain momentum then release it so the weight flies straight at your opponent and hits them. Now, this isn’t as useful against multiple enemies as the blade since it will only hit one as opposed to multiple enemies, but Raizo did face single enemies during the movies, most notably the end, so it would have been nice to see him use the weight at some point.

  4. Andre

    I always sit as close as I can to the middle… if that means sitting in front of someone, or behind someone, doesn’t matter to me. If you don’t want anyone sitting in front of you, or behind, sit in a corner somewhere… 😉

  5. Binkleykun

    I found the Ninjas as Ring Wraiths thing annoying as well.

    I did like the chase sequence and how the ninjas got owned by CARS. Clearly training in a secret monastery in the middle of no where didn’t prepare them for the modern world!

    • Tom


      My big problem with that chase sequence is that for an organization that prides themselves on stealth and secrecy, running into traffic in full view of hundreds of onlookers doesn’t seem like the best strategy.

      If they’re such good trackers, it would have made more sense if they had given up the chase and come to look for him later.

      The sequence was exciting, but totally unnecessary.

  6. bryan

    Sitting directly behind someone in an empty theater is an odd kind of rude but putting your feet on the back of the chair is absolutely rude. Not just to the person who has to look at your shoes but to the theater itself.

    I have spoken to people about their behavior in theaters before and I suppose as time marches on and people act poorly more often. I do not miss the past so much as I miss the perception of how common manners might have been in the past.

  7. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    I know that feeling, Tom, even if my situation is the opposite. Thanks to my class schedule, I’ve got a lot of free time early and in the middle of the day, so I go to a lot of early screenings. At 11:00 on a Wednesday, most theaters are nearly empty. I say nearly, since there’s always those souls who seem to just pack around whoever else is in there. Maybe it’s some unspoken desire to be close to someone in a movie theater. Or something. Whatever it is, it does bug me a bit, but I can be pretty flexible in where I sit so it’s no big deal.

  8. rabbitgod

    I’ve had the same thing happen to me. It really throws you off. My issue usually is when people are directly in front or behind. Always stagger if I can help it. It just makes sense.

    I saw Ninja Assasin on Friday with my brother. I thought it was good. It’s a cheesy head chopped off kind of movie. I made the same observation about the blood being like Sin City. If you’re going for a style like that, it’s cool go with it. But don’t take that kind of blood and then try to also make your plot about more than it is. Also is seemed like the Ninjas had varying levels of power through out the movie. In one seen they melt out of the shadows, in another seen they just walk through the door and stab you. At that point, they’re just thugs. Where’s the secrecy?

    Finally, I loved that most of the actors weren’t Japanese. They don’t have to be, Russell Crow isn’t actually a Roman Gladiator, but it was interesting.

  9. Josh88

    I agree with the chase scene. It made NO sense. An organization that old and that secret would NEVER throw caution to the wind in order to capture someone. They are smarter then that, and think a lot more long term then that.

  10. Molnek

    As someone who worked in a movie theatre for way longer than I’m proud to admit, I can tell you that the middle of the theatre is the best technical place to sit in relation to the screen and surround sound. I also know from working during the day, and late at night, that it’s generally the same people who come around those times who want an emptier quieter theatre because they care very much about their movie going experience. These people know what they’re doing, although many people who go to the movies are idiots there are a fair amount of intelligent people who know when to go, where to sit, and show up so often I’d let them in for free every now and then.
    I loved the ridiculous shuriken sound. PHTPHTPHTPHTPHTPHTPHTPHTPHTPHTPHT!

    • Tom


      I remember reading once that the 13th row is usually the sweet spot in most theaters. But, yeah. Middle-middle is where I always try to sit.

      Unless it’s a movie I could absolutely care less about. In that case, I’ll sit in the back.

  11. Molnek

    I like to sit in the back armed with sweedish berries. Then when someone takes out their cellphone I throw them at them. Of course this is in movies where I don’t care and find more entertainment throwing stuff at people.

  12. Bec

    I hear you on the crowd issue, particularly when they’re people who talk / use their phone etc. The funniest / weirdest thing I experienced in a similar vein though was seeing Almost Famous in an empty theater. The cinema was the type to have allocated seating. I sat in my allocated seat, in the center about 3 rows from the back. The next group of people (also with allocated seats) sat directly in front of me. This went on for about the next few rows. For the total 11 people seeing the film they had allocated the seats in a row down the middle of the cinema!

  13. totalmoviefreak

    Only 50 more dollars to the 1,500 mark. We can do it!!!

  14. Jorn the Younger
    Jorn the Younger

    I have long legs and some knee issues – if my legs are in the same position for too long, I hurt, so I always used to have to sit in on the aisle so I could stretch my legs out every now an then during the film, so I usually didn’t have any problems being overcrowded because most people want to sit in the middle / middle. (Now that most theaters have stadium seating there’s usually enough leg room for me now wherever I sit, and I don’t have to worry about my head blocking someone else’s view.)

    I don’t think the center of the theater is an exlusive preference though- from my own time working in a theater, that’s where most people want to sit; even people who like to sit in the front row sit in the middle of that row. I mean, I understand where you’re coming from – I too hate being forced to sit directly next to someone, be it at a movie, on a plane or a bus, or wherever(your urinal comparison was right on) but the row in front of or behind? Come on. You chose your seat because you wanted the optimum movie watching experience, and then you get upset when other people dare to want the same thing?

    Feet on the seat though? Those people should have their feet chopped off (Though I usually just untie their laces)

    • Tom


      I never said my complaints were rational or justified. I freely admit to being spoiled by my time watching matinees or late shows – usually there aren’t many people in the theater with you. Like I said, I can’t remember the last time I was crammed in with a bunch of people like that.

  15. Irosel

    “…The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Ninja Assassin”

    You made a very strange and yet wonderful image pop into my head.

  16. Silence

    Commenting on Ninja Assassin, I was about to agree about the supernatural ninja abilities seeming over the top. However from very early on in the film it acknowledges said powers. Remember when the kids were at dinner before their first day of training, and the Master cuts his hand and heals it immediately afterward? From that point on we should expect to see some above normal abilities coming out of those Ninjas. As Josh88 they did a good job by not taking it too far. Though the whispering thing really threw me off, I’ll definitely agree with that.

    In addition, I actually didn’t necessarily see the Ninja’s in the film as beings that only focused on silent assassinations. I saw that they used the shadows and their quiet movements as a means of having the advantage over their opponent. Not silently attacking so that they aren’t found by other people (unless the assassination requires it). Think about that first scene, they take out an entire warehouse and leave all the bodies there to find. It wasn’t about hiding the kill, it was about surprising the victim. The problem is that with Raizo, he won’t be surprised by the ninja’s approaching. If they lose him, they lose him until he pops up again, which I’m sure he does selectively. They have to try and take him out whenever they get the chance, even if it means running out into the middle of the street.

    Ps. Sorry bout the length…. first time commenting here honestly… YAY!

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