I had a big post in mind when I put this comic together last night. But some kind of blog date kerfuffle late at night prevented me from posting it until this afternoon. So what I had planned on writing yesterday evening has completely evaporated by this afternoon!

I hope you like the comic. It’s pretty straightforward. I admit to being stuck coming up with the punchline. Actually, I came up with the “Lawyer Attorney” observation first. I probably should have flipped things around to make that the punchline. But I turned out pretty well. What can you expect post-Thanksgiving when your brain has been choked by tryptophan?

Not much more to talk about tonight, except that I hope to see Ninja Assassin some time this evening. I’ve been hearing great things from friends who have already seen it. I’m still a little skittish about going to the theaters on Black Friday, but hopefully the mall crowds have exhausted themselves and gone home by the time I show up. I plan on going to the late, late show.

Still trying to fanagle an opportunity to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox with Cami tomorrow. The film broke wide across the country on Wednesday, but we haven’t nailed down a babysitter yet. I’ve felt considerably out of the loop on that one since it was available in limited release two weeks prior. It feels like no one is talking about it anymore – and I hate it when that happens.

Last thing I’ll mention – and I think you know where it’s going – please pledge to the Kickstarter fund raising campaign for Theater Hopper: Year Three. We have 33 days left in the campaign and 63% left to go. I’m worried that after the baby arrives on the 10th, I won’t have time to really chase it down. That, compounded by the holidays getting in the way, I’m really worried that I won’t be able to raise the money I need to do this!

So, if you have even a dollar left in your pocket after cashing in on department store sales, please consider pledging. I appreciate your support.

Thanks and have a great weekend!