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  1. Kurt Ringwriter
    Kurt Ringwriter

    Megan Fox would have to be shown to be able to act before anyone wanted to watch her carry a movie. Believe it or not, a body no matter how attractive actually gets boring watching it do unnatural things to dialogue and failing to show much in the way of emotion. I didn’t see much acting in Transformers (perhaps because of bad writing simply not giving her anything to do), and her character actually didn’t accomplish anything to begin with (she certainly didn’t have a purpose being there. Again, bad writing), so without the looks (and FHM or Maxim or whoever labeling her the sexiest woman alive) she would be entirely forgettable.

    I think someone who could call what Megan Fox does in interviews “smart, funny and self-aware” is the kind of person who could watch Disaster Movie and actually laugh.

  2. Jack Shen

    Saw a free screening.

    I kept waiting for the movie to have its “Defining Moment of Awesome.” Like the end of Friday The 13th, when Jason leaps out of the water.

    The closest you get is at the end when you see the driver picking her up and go “Hey that’s Lance Henriksen!” But that hardly counts.

    It’s basically what would happen if Hollywood made Gingersnaps…which is exactly what it was.

  3. Bern Royal
    Bern Royal

    I really can’t see how she is all that hot. Look at her for about five minutes and already you’re tired of her. As for “Jennifer’s Body” The title alone made me think of some soft porn horror flick, even more so when I heard her flatly say that so-called seductive line, “Can you feel my heart, I think it’s broken.”

    I didn’t see it and won’t even if it turns up in the $5 bin at my local Wal-Mart within a year, flat acting, predictable plot, and way too much hope that Fox’s looks and cheap sex selling scenes would get this movie through.

  4. Paul

    I think the video (or DVD now I guess) release will be quite big. I think more guys will pick this up on DVD rather than going to the cinema just to gawp at Megan Fox.

    Megan Fox on Bluray would be quite interesting to see.

  5. Edrondol

    I’d only see it if she got naked and even then probably only on cable late at night after the kids went to bed.


  6. wren1313

    I’m going to wait and NetFlix this one from the reviews I’ve read. I am curious about one aspect of this movie; the soundtrack. Hole had a song on ‘Live Through This’ called ‘Jennifer’s Body’ and I was wondering if it was played during some part of the movie. I did not see it on the actual soundtrack, but that does not mean it wasn’t used in the movie. Can anyone who saw Jennifer’s Body over the weekend verify if the Hole song was used? I know it’s kind of obscure, but everytime I read or hear the movie’s title, that song goes through my head. Thanks!

  7. Danny Smooth
    Danny Smooth

    I’m glad that this film has, technically, come and gone. For me, there was nothing to draw me into the theatre. I have to admit that a writer or a director can influence my movie picks so at this point the film had one strike and a ball against it, respectively. Also, the retread of the Dracula myth with genders reversed and brought to modern times would feel pretty lifeless no matter who did it. And not in the good way. Megan Fox may be a good actress in 5-10 years when she learns the craft, right now she’s just a lightning rod for the pubescent demographic.

  8. Doobjank

    I went and saw the film on Sunday with my movie buddy, and we both enjoyed ourselves. There wasn’t anything outrageously amazing, but taken as a whole we did laugh a lot. I like the snarky comments Amanda fires off at Megan. Amanda Seyfried made the movie for me. Megan could have been any other hot actress, but Amanda held it together.

  9. Shai Destino
    Shai Destino

    My girlfriend loves vampires (and similar) and chicks kicking ass, so she dragged me to see this. The main drag on this movie was that 90% of the movie was Jennifer being a spoiled brat. Even before becoming a monster she was shown to be uncaring and superficial, and then afterwards she was inhumanly uncaring and superficial to the point of thinking that several of her fellow students dying in a tragedy was boring and uninteresting. Of the remaining 10% of the movie, only half was devoted to her demon’s need for flesh. This was one of those movies where every single good action scene was shown in every commercial you ever saw for it, and laughably so were all of the sexy scenes.

    Funnily enough, Fox did fine as Jennifer, as the entire character was designed to be diva-like even above her violent demon nature. IT wasn’t much of a stretch to pull off for her.

  10. Biggestbad

    I have to agree on that, if it wasn’t for Amanda I don’t think my friend and I would have enjoyed that movie nearly as much as we did. I’m not a Megan Fox fan, though I am a horror lover which was my excuse for seeing it. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. Totally worth the price though.

    I had a free ticket.

  11. Bec

    Congrats Tom, that’s wonderful news πŸ™‚

  12. Steve

    So, I had to bring this up, because TH has been totally silent about this upcoming movie. What does Tom and the TH crew think of Bruce Willis’ upcoming Surrogates? I just found out about this movie today (but I don’t watch television, so perhaps there has been marketing that I’m just not exposed to?) and it looks awesome. Reminds me of Minority Report, I Robot, the Matrix; all movies that I have enjoyed. Looks like another “paradise gone wrong” plot (I love a good dystopia) like the others, but it’s got something a little different. While watching the trailer, I couldn’t help but think of World of Warcraft and Second Life: alternate online lives that some people are a little too attached to. Hmm, I wonder if there will be a scene in the movie where they find a fat guy with a young, female surrogate? Yikes…
    Anyways, just wondering if this was one anyone’s radar (especially Tom). I see some good strips coming from this one… perhaps the Jared we know is actually a surrogate?? If I suspected anyone, it would be him.

  13. historyman68

    This is one of the funniest TH I’ve read for a while. Great comic timing!

  14. taekwondogirl

    The biggest thing that irritates me about Megan Fox is the arguments for her largely consist of, “Oh, she is so hot!” Really? Good for her, so is every other actress in Hollywood. They are just fortunate to have more than looks and most know how to keep their mouths shut.

    I don’t care for her looks myself but that’s personal preference and doesn’t reflect on my own self confidence by tearing her down. I don’t think she’s ugly by any means, but I don’t think the way she looks merits as much attention as she gets, or the attitude she’s magically developed.

  15. Matt Loffhagen

    I would like to add my voice to the legions who are thanking you for this comic. Somehow I was under the impression that I was alone in my Fox-hating.

    That said, I have enjoyed the irony of the films she’s starred in thus far – here’s a film deliberately selling her body and nothing else. But my favourite moment of her career was when Shia LeBouf’s character in Transformers described her as “More than meets the eye”. Okay, a semi that turns into a giant robot is more than meets the eye. Megan Fox clearly is not.

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