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  1. woodstock

    jessica’s body?

  2. themah

    to be honest i love horror movies, one of my favorite types of film, but this just doesnt do it for me, and i would say it is because of megan fox, and the way its presented it just doesnt scream “watch me” so its really a pass, maybe when it hits the 1.00 thearter i might see it.

  3. chuckers

    Oops! Nice catch Woodstock. I only noticed the “rights” – “writes” mix up in 3rd paragraph of the blog.

    (I do the same thing with only moderately close homonyms like “are” and “our”)

  4. scylla

    I never really got the attraction with Megan Fox, she was hot in a few shows I saw her in, but in general she’s not very attractive. Not really psyhed to see this movie – probably rent it later.

  5. Jerome

    LoL – You’re gonna not like that I’m nitpicking here – she’s actually a flag-girl, which is much lower on the social hierarchy of high school.

    Just watched it, and the writing was pretty super (yay Diablo Cody). But you can tell they really had to sell this as a “Megan Fox is Hot” ticket, not a monster/demon/humor flick (or any combination thereof).

  6. Ashlyn

    The sad thing is, this movie is rated R. Meaning, any theater worth it’s salt will be carding all the students, and the demographic group that this movie would have been aimed at, CAN’T WATCH IT!!!!!

    I work at a movie theater at night, and I am one of those “evil people that card”. This weekend, with all it’s rated R new releases are going to be a pain in the butt for those of us who follow the age rule.

  7. landStander

    YES Tom, right on the money as usual

  8. wunami

    I can’t tell if “in regard to how she rights dialogue” is a typo or a play on words. You know…like she bends the dialog until it is “right” or something.

    The ads for this movie are getting annoying as hell.

  9. Jason

    I’m still amazed at the sheer number of people who react so negatively to Megan Fox. Is she a bad actress? Who knows, it’s not like the Transformers movies allowed anyone any room to actually do anything other than run and stare at giant robot fights. She spouts her mouth off and obviously isn’t an intellect, but seeing as how she’s not a writer, I don’t suppose that really matters. And then there’s the defensiveness about how how she is. It’s so undeniable that people begin making up excuses such as she’s unattractive despite her beauty.

    I get that no one has to like another person, but the Megan Fox is evil backlash just cracks me up. It makes people come off as defensive nerds who have to somehow justify themselves. Either she’ll somehow manage to land a role that requires artistic skills and do a surprisingly good job or she’ll go away. Sounds like a better plan, no?

  10. Alexander Burns

    I think it’s definitely some poor marketing. I watched her on Conan last night and I thought the summary sounded pretty clever and funny, actually – a bunch of high school jocks sacrificing hot girls to up their game, and things go hilariously wrong. But all we see in the trailers and clips is Fox making out with other girls. I’ll skip it, but I think they probably could have done a better job selling it.

    • Tom

      Man, the Typo Goblin must have snuck into my computer last night. Gotta fix those!

      As for the Megan Fox hate, Jason, I think it’s justified. I don’t think it’s a bunch of defensive nerds trying to tear her down for no good reason. Look at Carrie Fischer. Look at Kristen Bell. Look at Sarah Michelle Geller. Nerds LOVE hot chicks.

      I think with Megan Fox, it’s a hubris thing. She says a lot of ridiculous crap and takes pot shots at other people when she really hasn’t been around long enough to get away with it. She’s pretty much relying on the fact that she’s hot to deflect criticism.

      Check out this article – 10 dumb Megan Fox quotes – and tell me I’m wrong about her:

      Also, she has a toe for a thumb:

  11. Andre

    Well Megan Fox wasn’t that bad in How To Lose Friends And Alienate People… not that it required incredible range as an actress!

  12. j00ky

    Wow, the toethumb thing really is vile. I know she may be “hot” but I certainly don’t find her attractive. “I’m horrible to live with. I don’t clean. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. Friends will tell me, “Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn’t flush.”

    Comic was great today and made me laugh, HAPPY FRIDAY!

  13. seattlegeekly

    Couldn’t agree more, Megan Fox is neither particularly attractive nor particularly talented and as if that wasn’t enough, she dissed Wonder Woman –

    I can’t wait until her star wanes and the next hot young thing comes along to take all her roles.

  14. wren1313

    I have mixed feelings about this movie: I want to support something that should be nurtured and rewarded (Cody’s writing) but I don’t want to give one thin dime to support an egotistical diva that really hasn’t given any performance/scrap of human decency to warrant anyone’s devotion.

    This brings up something I’ve been thinking about lately, the personal/professional paradigm. Famous people do have more lead way to dable in the morally ambiguous & total self absorption, but where is the point that I can no longer support their careers i.e. he/she is such a great actor/director/etc… but he/she is such a tool I don’t think I can separate their personal discretions from their performances (the greatness part does not apply to Fox). I understand that the famous live in a very sheltered world where everyone tells them yes, but does that excuse behavior that would normally alienate everyone they know at the very least? Roman Polanski, Mel Gibson, Christian Bale, & Kanye West (just to name a few) fall into this category for me. I have a difficult time enjoying their work when I know how poorly they behave in the real world. Anyway, just some food for thought…

    • Tom


      I totally know what you’re talking about in regards to the personal/professional paradigm. I have a lot of friends who say that you have to separate the art from the artist. But when bad behavior and asinine comments eclipse their performances, their antics *become* their art. The roles they are hired to before become secondary to the controversy they generate.


      Thanks so much for your compliments on the comic. It’s always a treat to know when I’ve been able to make someone laugh so hard that someone has to come in and check on them!

      Don’t worry about the books right now. I know how the money thing goes. I’m toying with the idea of keeping Year One and Year Two at $9.99 to get rid of inventory and make room for Year Three. So there still might be an opportunity for you down the road.

  15. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    Horror movies are my favorite movies, and I’ll be steering clear of Jessica’s Body. It seems far from scary, and more an attempt to get a little more cash on Megan Fox. Given that I don’t care for her (don’t even find her that attractive. Generally fail to see what the big deal about her is, actually), that’s not going to work for me.

  16. Johnny W. Staggs
    Johnny W. Staggs

    Thank you Tom for your comments about Megan Fox as I do not find her attractive either. I am a 32 year old male and find her annoying in everything that she is in….from the “Transformers” movies to “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People”, which I enjoyed except for her. I cannot pinpoint the exact reason but I cannot find anything appealing about her….and think the constant camera movements to show off her body did not help either of the “Transformers” movies. I will not be seeing “Jennifer’s Body” as the previews do not look interesting and that I was not all that crazy about “Juno” (enjoyed but thought it was overrated). The next movie that I am actually excited about is “The Invention of Lying” which looks hysterical.
    By the way, since this is my first time posting, I just want to say that I am a HUGE fan of this site. When finances are better, I intend to buy the books of the site as they need to be a permanent fixture on my book shelf (wish I could do it during the sale!). I thought that I would share a bit from last summer where the Hellboy comic where the kid wanted the mayonnaise made me laugh so hard that my wife heard me from across the house and came and had to see what had me in stitches for the longest time. Keep up the great work and know that I feel for you and your job situation. I work for the Tennessee Career Center and unemployment has been high here and seeing so many people that I know out of work and looking desperately is disheartening.

  17. Steve

    Oh Tom, Tom… excellent blog. This is the perfect description of my thoughts on this movie. I made a very similar comment when readers were discussing upcoming movies in the comments about a month ago. I couldn’t agree with you more.
    Ashlyn – you know, I didn’t even think of that. I dunno if I’d call it a sad thing though… I think it’s hilarious! I wonder if many people outside their teen target demographic is going to see this. I suppose you will have the fair share of guys who still think like teens, or belong in Idiocracy: “You like sex and money!? We should hang out.”

  18. Steve

    Sorry one more thing… there’s a lot of comments here so I went back to read most of them (I skimmed first) and it’s nice that there are so many people here at TH that are level headed. There’s a large consensus on this, and there have been on other movies. These moments always make me feel like I’ve found my movie opinion home . Because I’m positive there are plenty of other places on the internet where it’s post-after-post “OMG she’s so hot! This will be the best movie ever! DERR!”
    Awesome comic, great blogs, great community. Hurray for Theater Hopper!

  19. totalmoviefreak

    I just got the T shirt in the mail. I love it! It rocks! Thanks Tom

  20. Mr. Allen
    Mr. Allen

    It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who thinks she is incredibly over-rated.

    Tom is right. By the time she turns 25, nobody will care about her anymore.

  21. Liz

    I might see it. It depends if I can get anyone to go with me. To tell you the truth, I’m a fan of Amanda Seyfried, which would be my motivation. Also, I’m interested to see what Diablo Cody has accomplished after Juno. I’m intrigued by the idea of a horror/comedy that’s not a spoof like the Scary Movie films or Shaun of the Dead.

    If I see it, I guess I’ll let you know how it is? It doesn’t sound like you’re going to make the trek 🙂

  22. Justin

    I’m disappointed in all of you. This movie is an ideal opportunity to hate Megan Fox, it’s not like you have to root for her. And playing opposite we have Amanda Seyfried, who’s actually a good actor and hasn’t pissed anyone off yet. Lily Kane, people. Mean Girls. Big Love. I want to see this movie ’cause she’s in it, not Her Immaculate Bitchiness. And I’m a fan of Diablo Cody from way back, when she was writing a blog about stripping. Don’t make this movie about the annoying chick playing the villain.

  23. Justin

    Disappointed in all of you–except Liz. my mistake.

  24. Manda

    I’m not a huge Megan Fox fan, either. She herself has admitted in interviews that she doesn’t really act; she’s just “eyecandy.” People have been comparing her to the next Jessica Alba and stuff in interviews; basically she’s the next upcomming it actress with no staying power. Her choices in roles certainly reflect the “eyecandy” sterotype.

    Amanda Sigfried is also in this movie and supposidly a fairly major character as well, and has been getting much better reviews for this movie (as well as her past work as well). From what I’ve read, Amanda is considered to be a much more tallaneted actress with the makings of being the next Juia Roberts Oscar winning type actress, and the difference between Amanda & Megan is supposed to be incrediby obvious in “Jennifer’s Body.”

    I’ll prob see “Jennifer’s Body” in the theater, but just because I love Diabo Cody and her writing (esp. her monthly EW column). Maybe I’ll wait and see it in the cheap, last run theater like a couple of other peopel have said.

  25. Seth

    i’m usually a horror junkie, but i think i’ll have to pass on this one… No plot, no acting skills. Just Fox eating people with cheap CGI. I love horror movies with substance, but this seems so blank. i’ll just save my money for saw six (even though they stopped being creative after the 3rd one..)

    have a great weekend!

  26. Jorn the Younger
    Jorn the Younger

    I don’t have that conflict regarding Megan Fox- she’s a bad actress and unlikable offscreen, but for me the archetype of that conflict is Tom Cruise. (Yes, I went there) He’s an absolutely fantastic actor, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed most of his movies (My two favourites are The Last Samurai and Vanilla Sky) but his ‘public persona’ has completely overshadowed his acting- I’m still waiting on Valkyrie in my netflix queue, but I want to see it because it looks good, but I got the impression nobody went to see it because “Tom Cruise is crazy / Tom Cruise is a Scientologist” or somesuch.

    I saw something the other day where someone didn’t want to buy something because it was something Orson Scott Card was involved with, and this person disagreed with Card’s position/feelings/beliefs regarding the marriage issue. I’m sorry, but I don’t care – Ender’s Game is still one of the best Science Fiction books ever written.

  27. thirst4metal

    Hi Tom, everybody. I am fascinated by Megan Fox. I think she’s interesting and I actually agree with her on the Scartlett Johansson issue (Johansson married Ryan Reynolds, how smart could she be?).

    I don’t think she is a godd actress, but she is a natural in front of the camera.

    I don’t quite get the animosity some of you seem to have towards her… Diva? Most divas would never discuss pinching loafs. The fact that M.Fox has the guts to voice an opinion about others is a beautiful thing. Would you people prefer she falsely talk nicely about Zac Efron (of all people)?

    Also, that she is aware of her sexuality, her physical appeal, and that she is selling her body (not unlike Ryan Reynolds) is a thing to praise. She knows it isn’t her acting talent that is landing her those roles. Should she turn it down so that she can be taken seriously as a thespian? Sure, turn down the millions. OK.

    And it’s not like she tries to deny any of this (see Lindsay Lohan). Just sayin’.

    • Tom

      Okay, first of all – you’re not going to win points against Scarlett Johansson for marrying Ryan Reynolds. Megan Fox has an on-again / off-again with Brain Austin Green. So, yeah.

      Second of all, I’ll totally give her points for recognizing that her looks are her strongest commodity. I’m sure she’s been told she’s pretty all her life. I’m sure she’s used to it. Should she turn down millions of dollars because a director wants to put a pretty face on screen? Of course not.

      But I think the attention has totally gone to her head. She compared Michael Bay to Hilter, for crying out loud!

      Now I’m no fan of Michael Bay, either – and he has a reputation for being a hard-ass on set – but that’s not the kind of thing you go around saying to the press 1.) If you don’t want to offend Jewish people with such a lazy comparison and 2.) If you ever want to find work again.

  28. chuckers

    >Ender’s Game is still one of the best Science Fiction books ever written.

    Maybe but “Children of the Mind” defines DEUS EX MACHINA. Oy vey!

    At one point, I did find Megan Fox reasonably attractive. Now, not so much.
    The tats are a bit of a turn off for one. The attitude, if I followed it at all, would
    probably not help much either.

  29. Lisa

    Duuuuuuuuuuuude, you are one of the few guys who have said they don’t find Megan fox appealing.

    but I agree with the Michael Bay thing. What she said about him was totally uncalled for. If it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t get her big break…she’d be stuck as the girl who was in a friggen straight-to-the-shelves-Olsen twins movie (SERIOUSLY)
    People always have to work with others who they don’t like working with. But real people deal with it without acting like a spoiled brat.

  30. noodles

    I am decently indifferent towards Megan Fox.

    The main reason I won’t watch this movie is because of the way it was marketed. It was terrible to see those trailers playing every single commercial break. Each one was literally just made up of clips that suggest that you get to see Megan Fox do sexual things. It was shameless.

  31. lower case colleen
    lower case colleen

    “So go ahead, Megan. Vamp it up in Jennifer’s Body. Because by the time you turn 25, it’s all going to be over.”

    It is SOOO refreshing and heartening to hear a guy say this, because girls–no, wait, WOMEN–all understand such a thing implicitly but usually no amount of browbeating will make a guy come around.

    As with any super hot movie star, I feel threatened when the guys in my life hold them up as a pinnacle of beauty that I cannot compare too, but with Megan Fox it is especially galling because she has no talent. She’s not BAD, shes just not GOOD at anything. So for the last couple years, my nerd friends have lauded her as a goddess of femininity and I must…control….fist…of death….

    • Tom

      Your nerd friends have lauded Megan Fox as a goddess of femininity?

      I thought nerds respected intelligence?

  32. Anerul

    I just saw Jennifer’s body. The movie was actually very enjoyable.

    It isn’t really that much of a horror movie. It’s got comedy and horror elements in it. The dialogue was smart and quick paced. The CGI was not “cheap” either, as there really wasn’t that much at all. I would prefer to see this movie over a Saw movie any given day, however, seeing as it does have some semblance of a plot. Actually, I think that’s just standard protocol with most movies when comparing them to Saw, but I digress.

    I actually had to laugh at most of these posts here, as many people were incredibly off as to what the movie was about, but then again, it didn’t seem like most folks here had any intention of seeing it anyway.

    Oh, and I know someone pointed it out already, but Megan Fox wasn’t a cheerleader in the movie. When you’re a flag girl, that’s…pretty far from being a coveted cheerleader. I know it’s not that important, but in the movie it does hold some weight.

    I’ll say it. I like Megan Fox, even if she’s vapid, vacuous, and at risk of being completely insignificant if not for roles like the one she had in Transformers. And before you ask, I’m a girl, and I have no problem with watching Megan Fox in a movie or discussing her with folks. I am not insecure so much that I let someone from the screen affect how I look in life. That’s stupid. If women feel “threatened” because many guys admire Megan Fox or talk about how hot she is, then there’s a serious problem there.

    Anyway, I’m sure folks will tear what I say down, but I thought I should just post my piece as someone who actually saw the movie and enjoyed it and doesn’t want to rip Megan Fox a new one just because she’s who she is.

    Though I do believe Shia needs to go away. Please. I can’t stand his face.

    • Tom


      I think that’s a far review. But just as you (and I) feel about Shia… I feel the same way about Megan Fox. She’s a blight.

  33. joshua

    1.) I never really took notice of Megan Fox. 2.) Now that I know Jennifer’s Body is written by the writer of Juno, I certainly won’t be seeing it. That movie wreaked of affectation. I think the moment I loathed Juno was the scene with the boat on the side of the road. The pipe was bad enough, but the boat just screamed, “Look how clever we are.” Diablo Cody is the pop-punk band of the movie set, and as far as I’m concerned Jennifer’s Body will probably be her edgier–but just as bad–second album.

  34. chuck

    Jason’s taste is so universal that if he finds someone hot, it’s undeniable.

    I think she’s funny-lookin’. Just sayin’.

  35. Marty

    Hey, I’m a 15 year old boy. I got a double-sided poster with a film magazine – Megan Fox on one side, in a cheerleader’s outfit.

    I put up the Avatar side.

  36. jpro

    What I don’t get is that, yes, she is good looking, but nothing super exciting. What is wrong with the people who drool all over her?
    Have you never been to a beach, or a mall on a saturday? There are girls that look just like Megan everywhere.
    She is cute, but not more or less than the average ‘hot chick’.
    At least if she could act then there would be the sense of “She’s a good actor, and is hot as a bonus”. But right now it’s more like “She’s hot, and… well that it.”
    Why are we supposed to care?

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