In terms of location, not to many “whodunnits” are staged in Antarctica. Really the only other movie that even comes close in my mind is John Carpenter’s The Thing or maybe 30 Days of Night. So I’ll give Whiteout style points for the interesting location.

Still, when I read the plot synopsis, I couldn’t help but wonder about the title. True, blizzard conditions result in a blinding “whiteout” as Kate Beckinsale’s character attempts to solve a murder. But she’s also under the added pressure of finding a murderer in three days before the last plane leaves the continent and those who are left behind are plunged into six months of night.

It’s kind of like Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia, but in reverse. Or maybe like Pitch Black. But, y’know… without all the space monsters. But why so many “race-against-time” plot devices?

I realize that Whiteout is based on a comic mini-series of the same name released by Oni Press in 1998. So, for all intents and purposes, this is a “comic book movie” and perhaps such compounding dilemmas don’t have to make sense.

Still, I think you could do so much with the isolation and the paranoia of such a remote location that multiple “race-against-time” elements aren’t needed.

Certainly something that CAN’T be explained is casting Kate Beckinsale – arguably one of the most attractive women in film right now – in a role that requires her to wear bulky parkas and heavy boots all over the place. Next time, Kate, try to solve a murder on Bikini Island, or something.


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↓ Transcript
In Whiteout, Kate Beckinsale is a U.S. Marshall stationed in Antarctica and tasked with solving a murder three days before the sun sets for the next six months.

Why not just call it "Blackout?"