I know this was supposed to be a week of guest strips. But, well, I couldn’t really round one up for today. Chalk it up to poor planning. I decided late last week to take this week off and that’s not time enough for most artists with already busy schedules to drop what they’re doing and produce something for me.

Hats off, however, to Jason Swearingen and Paul Southworth for their time and consideration. It is much appreciated.

I took time off this week partially to give myself a break from the comic and partially to work on some other projects that needed my attention. Primarily on a freelancing web site that I intend to use to attract clients and provide a temporary revenue stream while I look for more permanent work.

I have to admit I did not make much progress on that front. However, I kept busy this week applying for jobs and sending out resumes. I took a few meetings and had a few interviews. Fortunately, my experience is such that I attract the interest of most employers. At this point, it’s finding one who is willing to compensate fairly for that experience.

My freelance site aside, I did accomplish something else this week that actually benefits both of us and not just myself. I took some time this week to prepare the Theater Hopper store for a massive fire sale that I’m going to start promoting next week. I have a little bit of money saved up thanks to Project Wonderful and I plan on spreading it around a little bit in hopes of attracting people to my store and helping me clear out some inventory.

As of now, everything in the store is on sale. All books are $9.99. All shirts are $7.99. I’ve even dug out some old inventory I haven’t had on the site for a while in hopes of selling that as well – mostly baby doll tees in limited inventory for $4.99.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the main page in the store, you’ll see I’m selling the Iron Man parody poster I designed for Chicago Comic Con in early September. I have 49 left in stock and I’m selling them for $3.00 a piece.

The sale ends at Midnight on Sunday, September 20. I am motivated to get rid of as much inventory as possible, but I don’t know if I’ll do something like this again. So if you see something you want, now is the time to grab it.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

↓ Transcript
In Sorority Row, a bunch of snobby girls play a prank and accidentally kill one of their sorority sisters.

Then, in a "shocking" twist, the girl returns from the dead to kill the people who tried to cover up her murder.

Why burden the plot with this cumbersome mashup of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Black Christmas?

Who needs plot when you're murdering snobby sorority girls?

You have my $8.50 right there!