Due to the fact that I am currently suffering from a head cold that makes me feel as if someone has injected my cranium with rubber cement, I had a hard time coming up with a joke for today’s comic.

Having covered Gamer on Wednesday, Extract and Something About Steve were the only new movies left this weekend worth discussing.

Since it would appear from the trailer that Something About Steve is a joke unto itself, I was really only left with Extract. And since I couldn’t think of a good joke to go with it, my mind turned to the most visible piece of marketing for the film – a short video of Beavis and Butthead introducing a clip and then talking about the inequity of prostitution (I.E. no one wants to pay men for sex)

Extract director and Beavis and Butthead creator shared the clip with David Letterman on The Late Show Tuesday night and made the rounds online shortly thereafter.

I worried that the joke in the comic played a little too inside. If you hadn’t seen the video, you would have no idea what Tom was talking about. I also hate to make you read the blog in order to understand the joke.

But then I figured if you weren’t a teenager in the 90’s, you probably wouldn’t get the joke anyway. So let’s have a little fun with things and have Jared pull his shirt over his head and announce “I AM CORNHOLIO!”

You can’t please everyone, so you might as well please yourself, right?

Switching gears for a moment, I wanted to give everyone a head’s up that I’m taking next week off.

As you may or may not know, I’ve been unemployed since June and, frankly, my severance is starting to dry up with no strong job leads.

I’ve made the decision to position myself as a freelance web and graphic designer. To do that, I need to design and build a web site where I can show off my portfolio and attract clients.

So I’m taking next week off partly to get the freelance business off the ground and partly to give myself a break from the grind of the comic. I haven’t taken any time off (I don’t think) since the beginning of the year and I need to recharge my batteries a little bit.

I’ll be sure to point everyone to the new site once it’s up and running. I might actually try a little networking with you guys to see if you know anyone who needs a site designed in the next few weeks. Thank goodness web design is the ultimate telecommuting job.

I have two guest comics already lined up and I’m asking around for one more. If anyone out there is interested in trying their hand at a guest comic, there’s no reason I couldn’t publish it on Tuesday or Thursday. So send me what you have to theaterhopper@hotmail.com and we’ll see what happens.

That’s it for now. Thanks for checking up on me this week and be sure to check out the site next week for some guest comic mayhem!

Have a great weekend!

↓ Transcript
Did you see that online video of Beavis and Butthead reviewing a clip of Mike Judge's Extract?

Man, seeing those two brought back some memories!

Remember when MTV had to put a disclaimer in front of their show because a bunch of kids were committing copycat crimes and setting things on fire?