I did a comic somewhat similar to this one back in August of 2007 when Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween hit theaters. For me, it makes no sense to release a movie CALLED “Halloween” two months before the holiday. You’d think that it was a marketing no-brainer.

Consider the thought that there are potential ticket buyers who have no idea what Halloween is about or who Michael Myers is. What are the odds that, come October, they might be standing in front of a box office somewhere, see “Halloween” on the marquee and say “Oh, we should see that because Halloween is next week.” You’d think the odds of that occurring would improve, wouldn’t you?

After the first remake of Halloween was released in 2007, it was explained to me later that the studio dropped the movie in August so they didn’t have to compete with Saw IV. They appear to be doing the same thing with Halloween II to stay out of the way of Saw VI being released on October 23. That makes sense. The Saw franchise has basically owned Halloween since 2004.

But why late August? Why not September? There are four horror movies being released in September – Carriers, Sorority Row, Jennifer’s Body and Pandorum. Each one is being released on a week separate from the other and none of them are franchise films and none of them appear to be serious contenders. It stands to reason that Halloween II could wipe the floor with any one of them.

Instead they’re going head-to-head with The Final Destination, the fourth movie of a popular franchise that decided to make their film 3D to boot.

To me it shows a real lack of faith in Zombie’s movie. If the studio had any stones at all, they’d at least slate it in the first week of October. No horror movies until Zombieland the following week (which is really more of a comedy) and maybe you stand a chance of taking the wind out of the sails of Saw VI.

If there’s something I’m missing, please explain it to me. Am I crazy? What about the rest of you guys? Any plans on seeing Halloween II this weekend? If you were forced to choose between Halloween II and The Final Destination (in 3D!!!), what would you pick? Leave your comments below!

↓ Transcript
Sir, back in 2007, we released Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween in Late August - two months before the holiday it shares its name with.

Can you explain to me why we're doing it again with his remake of Halloween II by releasing it on August 29?

Kid, when it comes to marketing, you need to have A KILLER INSTINCT!

For example, my instinct tells me this guy is going to kill me if I don't bury Halloween II in late August!