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  1. Phil from Kenisia

    This is the first Tarantino film which has made me go ‘meh’. I personally think the rot set in during the superhero speech near the end of Kill Bill 2, and fruited fully in Death Proof, with 40 minutes of dull dialogue right at the beginning and his terrible sleazy bar perv routine ( I don’t think he was acting in that sequence ). All I think of now when I hear about him is him, hunched over a keyboard in a dark room illuminated only by the monitor’s glow, saying ( to himself ) in his nasal Beavis tones ” yeah, this is totally gonna be cool.” I’ll rent it in a year or so.

    • Tom

      Good call on the nasal Beavis voice. I’ve been watching him making the rounds on the talk shows this week and I can’t help but think he’s pretty much coked out of his mind, like, ALL the time.

      Always fidgeting in his seat, talking with his hands, calling everyone “man” and saying “I mean, c’MON!” all the time.

      Maybe he has ADD?

  2. Relyt

    So… is it “bastards” or “basterds”?

    One of them is a word, the other is not.

    • Tom

      The latter.

      Tarantino deliberately misspelled it. He called it “flourish.”

  3. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    I wouldn’t worry too much about this one, Tom. It’s Tarantino making a pure and sweet Tarantino movie, excellent characters and crazy dialogue intact (though he’s toned down the massive monologues from Death Proof. And, believe it or not, the swearing). It’s not really a war movie, either. If anything, it’s Tarantino’s little love letter to cinema, considering all the plot elements that revolve around film itself.

  4. Andy

    The trailers don’t do it justice. Caught the first showing today. The “behind-enemy-lines” aspect is downplayed about as much as possible. Amazing movie. Probably now my second-favorite Tarantino flick, right behind Pulp (this ain’t something I take lightly- it really is that good).

    Aaalright? (Personal favorite QT verbal tic, lol.)

  5. Andy

    Sorry for the double post, but only now did I see the fun little quiz (I’m still a pretty new reader of this excellent webcomic.)

    I think it was Kill Bill that got me into his movies.
    13, and within the same week I saw Kill Bill v. 1 on DVD, Kill Bill v. 2 in theater, and Pulp on DVD.
    I’d be interested to see how he’d use Jason Mewes (not really down and out, and a completely random thought, I know.)
    “But I’m tryin’, Ringo. I’m tryin’ real hard to be the shepherd. Go.”
    Gotta be Pulp Fiction, the movie that made me look deeper into film. Also, the first of three movies that gave me the crazy idea that I’ll be a filmmaker.

  6. kit

    just got home from the matinee and i loved. but i can say that this wont be for everyone. with all the subtiltes and all. and i know i have lots of friends who hate watching movies with subtitles. they have never bothered me at all.
    andy is right the whole behind enemy lines thing is really a major plot point at all. i love the “cameos” as well.
    two things i do have to gripe about tho.
    1. i had to use the bathroom in the craziest way about twenty minutes into the film. so i missed eli’s bat scene.
    2. there wasnt a single tracking shot at all. unless it was during the bat scene.
    these arent really gripes obviously just seemed odd of qt to not use a single tracking shot.
    also chris waltz is probably the best actor in the film. well thats what i think. and i thought eli was going to bug the hell outta me but thankfully he didnt. him and some of the other basterds are actually quite comical.
    i wont see it again in theatres due to its length. but this is a must buy for me when it comes out. (probably around christmas i would assume)

  7. Sketch Samurai

    This Friday Five thing seems fun, so I’ll give it a try.

    I think the first Tarantino film was “Pulp Fiction”. Caught it on HBO when I was…I wanna say 13. Can’t remember for sure. Don’t know what actor I’d like to see get a second chance…but I’d love to see Nathan Fillion go from “That actor all those Whedon fans love” to big name super star. I think he could knock Tarantino dialogue out of the park.

    Favorite line? Uh…does Bill’s speech about Superman towards the end of “Kill Bill Vol. 2” count? I don’t know why, but it sticks out the most to me. And my fav is totally “Kill Bill”. Not a specific volume, the whole thing. I wish they release an awesome special collectors edition of that with the whole thing edited together.

  8. kit

    1. pulp fiction
    2. 17
    3. hes not really down and out but i would like to see sam rockwell in a qt movie
    4. everybody be cool. you be cool
    5. toss between dogs, fiction, and now basterds

  9. Gray

    Just saw Inglorious Basterds and thought it was all right. Well worth catching a matinee, but I couldn’t honestly recommend it to anyone at the full price. Thought Christoph Waltz did a great job as Landa, and loved Diane Kruger as Bridget von Hammersmark.

  10. Nash

    1. Pulp Fiction
    2. 16 – my dad showed it to me and I immediately loved it, had to show all my friends
    3. I can’t be trusted to be able to tell what actors would be good where, but I would love to see Daniel Day-Lewis used to great effect in a Tarantino
    4. Jules delivering Ezekiel 25:17
    5. Pulp Fiction

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