As you’ve probably heard, District 9 comes out this weekend. Personally, I’m very excited to see it if for no other reason than to watch a science fiction movie with a little more on its mind than the next great space battle or awesome explosion.

Don’t get my wrong – space battles and explosions are great. But that’s also what action movies are for. Whatever happened to good sci-fi movies that twisted the screws a little bit or made us consider the human condition? Between District 9 and Moon, 2009 is shaping up to be a very good year for the genre.

I’m going to try and squeeze in an early matinee of District 9 this morning before rushing to meet Cami for a showing of The Time Traveler’s Wife immediately after. It’s going to be hard, but I think I can do it.

District 9 is showing at the theater that is closest to my house at 11:10 AM. The movie is 111 minutes long. So, with trailers, that means I’ll be getting out of the movie between 1:00 and 1:15 PM.

My in-laws are watching Henry today and Cami is taking the afternoon off to have lunch with her folks and Henry where they live about 20 minutes away.

After I watch District 9, I’m going to try to meet Cami at a different theater in town where her parents live to watch The Time Traveler’s Wife. That movie starts at 1:45.

So, barring no complications, I’m going to be cutting it pretty close. But if we pull it off, it will be awesome.

What’s better is that there is an outside chance Cami and I will be seeing The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard on Sunday afternoon when my parents come over to watch Henry for a couple of hours. I talked Cami into seeing it after I showed her the Will Ferrell sky-diving clip with language and images entirely NOT safe for work.

Now I know to you all of this movie-watching might sound like negligent parenting. Not the case. Cami and I are just looking to spend a little time with each other after I was in Chicago last weekend and she was in Minneapolis the weekend before that. It just so happens that there are a bunch of awesome movies coming out this weekend, so we’re choosing to take advantage of that.

I’m kind of psyched for this little experiment. I haven’t seen 3 movies in one weekend in… I can’t remember how long. Fun!

What about you guys? Which movie are you most psyched to see this weekend? What are the odds of you seeing more than one? Leave your comments below and have a great weekend!

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I'm going to see District 9. Want to come?

What's that one about again?

An alien spacecraft appears over South Africa and...


Uh, no. But!...


Well, no. They're refugees that the government moves into slums and there are some very interesting comparisons to apartheid that...

Hello? Hello? Still there?