The Time Traveler’s Wife comes out this weekend and come hell or high water, we’re seeing it. Cami has made this an official decree. “Call you parents and find out if they can watch Henry this weekend,” she said. “Because we’re seeing it.”

I have no problem with this mostly because I’m happy to see Cami this excited about seeing a movie. There hasn’t been much for her this summer that has caught her interest. So I think it’s great that she’s chomping at the bit to see it.

I believe Cami read The Time Traveler’s Wife for her book club (I don’t know how long ago) and loved it. I was talking to her about it last night but asked that she not spoil it for me. Still, when she explained that the time traveler in question disappears during moments of stress, I went online to learn a little bit more about it. I love that the author, Audrey Niffenegger, is using science fiction as a metaphor for unreliable men and failed relationships. It’s quite inventive.

Not much to say about today’s comic. I’m a little distracted because I have to finish an 8 to 15 page paper today about the ethics of editorial cartoons for one of my Master’s courses. I have a couple of pages written, basically outlining the history of the editorial cartoon. I’m going to move into editorial cartoons in the modern day (for example, the Danish newspaper that printed the cartoon depicting Muhammad and the controversy that caused). I hope to wrap up with something about the future of editorial cartoons in an uncertain economic climate. Several editorial cartoonists are being let go from newspapers around the country and it begs the question whether these individuals are serious journalists or mouthpiece for a newspaper’s editorial board. I’m also going to look at the internet and self-publishing as a recourse for these displaced artists.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas about this subject that they’d like to share with me, please leave comments. I’m still looking to mix in a few good references if you have any.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Have a good day!

↓ Transcript
So tell me about The Time Traveler's Wife.

Well, the title kind of speaks for itself...

...except the twist is that the husband can't control when he comes or goes.

How do you mean?

He has a genetic condition that causes him to time travel during moments of stress.

Are you serious? That's like the PERFECT cop out!

"I thought I told you to take out the garbage!"

"Whuh-oh! Time Travel!"