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  1. DarkAudit

    It’s not going to resonate with boys. They’re not going to be interested in “imaginary princesses”. It’s a little girls’ movie if anything.

  2. totalmoviefreak

    i’m really proud of the Hangover and that it’s done so well. I love a good underdog. I hope I can get to it real soon.

  3. Steve

    I think the only movie I’m really waiting for that’s on my radar next is Moon.
    I know, some of you are saying, “What?! What about Transformers!?”
    I think I feel safe here saying this because Tom is a fellow Anti-Shia LaBoofer, but I thought the first movie sucked.
    “Yea, well I grew up watching and playing with Transformers.”
    Yea, so did I. Don’t get me wrong, the CG of seeing some of my favorite old school toys brought to life is pretty sweet, but that doesn’t forgive the stupid characterizations they gave to some of the characters, the crappy teenage humor (masturbation jokes, haha OMG!), and Shia.
    Anyways, I’m always good for a Transformers rant… but that’s pretty much why I really don’t care if there’s a sequel coming out soon.
    So Moon is the next thing I’m looking forward to. How about you Tom, that one on your radar much… or anyone else here? I saw one trailer that enticed me and I’m avoiding any other advertisement, because it seems like there will be some sweet plot twists that I don’t want any hint of. I want the full suspense/surprise.

  4. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    Yeah, “meh” is the best way to describe Pelham 1 2 3. Which is slightly depressing (even if it was to be expected), since the original kicks a good amount of ass. Kudos to The Hangover for doing so well. I didn’t think it was quite as amazingly funny as everyone else did, but it was still fairly hilarious.

    Hope you like Death Proof, Tom. It gets a bad rap in my opinion (though I am a Tarantino fanboy, so what do I know). And Steve gets a high five for the Moon love 😀

  5. totalmoviefreak

    I agree with Steve. Moon looks really good. It has an actual story and an amzing actor leading it.

  6. David

    high fives all around for loving Moon. I’m looking forward to it. Transformers 2? meh. I still want to see Pelham 1 2 3 regardless of the reviews, and I need to see the original. That and about 1001 other movies I need to see.

    Personally, Death Proof was only really good for the last hour, Planet Terror, the other film, I thought was awesome. but whats not to love about a zombie comedy?

  7. matthallphd

    avast! just blocked a “malicious” file on your site.
    I visit all the time but this is the first time it happened. Firefox didn’t do anything.

    Funny comic today BTW.

  8. chuckers

    You ought to try a few more of these “mashup” movies on T-shirts. The final panel would
    look pretty good as a full blown movie poster as well.

  9. Steve

    Sweet! Glad to see some love for Moon going around. My wife and I are heading to Seattle tomorrow morning, and I loaded a couple movies onto my ipod to get more pumped up for Moon: Solaris and Sunshine. I haven’t seen either movie yet, and I’m sure Moon is going to be fairly different… but what would be more similar than these picks? I’m looking forward to watching them.
    totalmoviefreak: When I was watching the trailer for Moon and realized that it’s going to have a great story, I was already wishing I hadn’t watched the trailer. I had a friend that took me to see Serenity when it came out in theaters, and I had never heard of Firefly and knew nothing about the movie I was about to see. It was the BEST surprise ever. I think this is a perfect movie to return the favor. I envy someone who can go in and see Moon completely clueless as they enter the theater. With Serenity, I never even saw the poster!

  10. historyman68

    No problem anymore on Safari.

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