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  1. DarkAudit

    Just watching the trailer for this showed me that Travolta dug up the grave of Robert Shaw and did unspeakable things to the corpse. The guy isn’t supposed to be blue collar!

  2. chuckers

    This is what safari gives as a diagnosis for the site:

    The ads look like your usual lot. IMVU. Something from snap linkads. There is one blank
    spot for ads but not sure if that is on purpose or not.

  3. quickermcwild

    I know this movie is guarenteed to make a ton in my town. I live in a yokel town in NH called Pelham, and everytime someone sees the poster they go “John Travolta made a movie about us!”

    Half the people in my town have never been on a subway, so it’s really not worth correcting them.

    As for me, I’m just sitting tight for “Away We Go.”

  4. David

    Its not ‘stache that equals evil, its goatee. Look throughout science fiction and cartoons, evil (especially an evil twin of someone) is represented by a goatee, going back as far as the original Star Trek, with Spock wearing a goatee on the ‘evil’ Enterprise. So clearly, for us to take Travolta seriously, he needs to have a goatee.

  5. briangc

    Incidentally, I’m pretty sure that’s not a “handlebar” mustache that Travolta is sporting in that pic. A handlebar is more like what Rollie Fingers or Snidely Whiplash wore…with protruding “handlebars” that come out of each side of the face (that you can twirl with your fingers in an “evil” way). It looks like Travolta has some sort of modified goatee to me.

    • Tom

      I thought a goatee had to go across the chin, though? Protrude a little bit, like the beard of a billy goat? Hence the name “goatee?”

  6. KR

    Isn’t that a fu manchu?

  7. DarkAudit

    That isn’t so much a handlebar ‘stache as it is a Fu Manchu.

  8. demonfafa

    A Fu-Manchu denotes the facial hair on the sides to be long enough to extend past down the chin. Just like well, FU MANCHU:

    Like Morgan Spurlock, Travolta’s ‘stache design is indeed a “handlebar.”

  9. Glen Newman
    Glen Newman

    The “he has moustache/facial hair so he must be a bad guy” should be added to the Movie Cliche list. Even Andy Samburg riffed on it for a recent trailer for the MTV Movie awards (

    Ryder is indeed a terrible name. I know the makers were unable to use the colours as codenames that appeared in the original due to Reservoir Dogs but surely they could’ve come up with some thing better. I’ve never been a huge Tony Scott fan so I think I’ll give this one a skip.

    We’ve got The Hangover & Red Cliff this weekend and Transformers 2 the next (before the US, how did that happen?!) so it’s easily avoidable anyway.

  10. totalmoviefreak

    This is such movie weekend which of course would happen when I have friday off from work. I’m proppably going to see Away We Go cuz that seems like the only decent one.

  11. Hephaestus_42

    I really don’t think that’s a handlebar… he’s sporting a horseshoe… check out this site…

  12. Mikaela

    I’m getting the malware alert as well on two computers, both of them using safari, if that helps at all trying to figure out what’s going on.

    I’m looking forward to the movie, if only because of my mom, she read the book a few years ago and said it was an amazing read, so hopefully they’ll be able to translate the story well into the movie. Especially since she said by the end of it you’ll be rooting for the ‘bad guy’, though that might be a little hard with the horrible mustache he’s sportin’.

  13. briangc

    demonfafa – Not according to this wiki page, it’s not:

    The “mustache styles” website describes a “handlebar” as the below:

    “Handlebar – bushy, with small upward pointing ends. See baseball pitcher Rollie Fingers. Also known as a “spaghetti moustache”, because of its stereotypical association with Italian men.”

    According to the site, Travolta’s (and Morgan Spurlock’s) is called a “Horseshoe.”

  14. Rebel 16
    Rebel 16

    It’s a horseshoe mustache, not a handlebar:

    Either way, yeah, it looks terrible. But was it Travolta’s choice, the director’s or the costume designer’s? Or perhaps a commandment from Xenu?

  15. Paul

    I’ve been getting the malware alert at home using Google Chrome – which is weird because Google Chrome has no problems while I’m at work…

    It’s the standard Google error message though – full red screen saying that due to the risk of malware it won’t bring you to the site; but you can still click OK or whatever to go on.

  16. Chris

    I’m also using Google Chrome and getting their standard Malware warning before entering your site. I think it’s something that has changed within the last few days.

  17. Gomro

    I’m getting two malware alerts from AVG antivirus every time I come to the site; my guess is that someone has hacked your page and installed the things. Started this morning, as far as I know. Exploit.c_AHL is apparently the name of the bug.

  18. Wild Bill
    Wild Bill

    Tom, there’s a new feature in IE8 that allows you to report a site as “unsafe” (Safety –> SmartScreen Filter –> Report Unsafe Website). My suspicion is that someone (either maliciously or just inadvertently) marked your site as unsafe using this tool. It’s not supposed to flag the site unless some third party (or Microsoft) has vetted the warning, but maybe they let yours slip by. If the warning comes up, I believe you can use the “Report that this site does not contain threats” to go to a Microsoft feedback Web site and request further investigation.

    • Tom


      I don’t know if the IE8 unsafe warning would apply in this situation or not. It seems like people who are reporting the problem are using Safari or Chrome. Any thoughts?

  19. Greg

    DeJa Vu was great! Ok, there were some time-travel related inconsistencies but otherwise great!

  20. Wild Bill
    Wild Bill

    I had it myself with IE8, which was what got me thinking. It’s true that it would depend on the other browsers supporting the same feature and using Microsoft or their third party as a reference. But then, if I were building a browser and knew that even one of my competitors was using such a service, I’d want to do it too. But perhaps Gomro (last post before my first one) has the answer, and all browsers are responding to that.

  21. KO

    That mustache looks badass as hell. I think Tom is jealous because he looks like a giant baby.

    • Tom

      Don’t fool yourself, KO. I can grow a pretty patchy beard when I want to!


  22. Ramon

    I’m getting the error, too. I’m using Google Chrome.

  23. Will Ryan
    Will Ryan

    Isn’t anyone interested in seeing what they did to the Walther Matheau character, who really didn’t give a dang in the first place (there’s your sorry sac of Denzel…)? And if the classic ending of the original will hold up?

  24. KO

    I like that beard, dude! lookin grizzled!

  25. Guero

    No that incentive image alone does not make you a bad ass yet, but if you were use it as your user pic/avatar on here, twitter, etc – it’s a distinct possibility XD

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