I’m thinking about pulling the top 300 x 250 ad that’s to the right of the comic and replacing it with a 300 x 250 spot from Project Wonderful.

I sell advertising on the site, but I get the impression that people aren’t interested in peer-to-peer- ad sales anymore and I should leave an option for those who prefer the Project Wonderful interface.

Considering the financial situation I’m in now that I’m currently unemployed, I’m trying to diversify my offerings a little bit. I think by making available a Project Wonderful spot, people can more directly manage how they choose to advertise with me. Plus, I can promote it easier in the blog and (hopefully) see a more direct result from that promotion. This, versus the peer-to-peer arrangement that requires a few e-mails back and forth.

I’m kind of talking out loud with this, but I was curious if there are any of you who would advertise with Theater Hopper if there was a Project Wonderful spot available at the top of the page?

Let me know in the comments, won’t you?