Land of the Lost, Will Ferrell, dinosaur urine, Marshal Willenholly, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Bewitched, pantless

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  1. Deepika

    Your comics are insanely funny 🙂
    Will bookmark and be back for more!

  2. Torin

    Hey, just wanted to know, what is Will doing there is the last panel? it looks like the handshake/arm grab combo, but seems off somehow.

  3. Chris

    Hey Tom,

    Not sure if you noticed, but everytime I click a link on this site, I’m getting what looks like a Google error saying this site is suspected of being a malware site. Something to look into and probably related to your previous troubles.


    • Tom


      I’m not having any trouble with the site this morning, but you’re the second person to tell me something is not right.

      I’m looking into it. Thanks for the heads up!


  4. Glen Newman
    Glen Newman

    Those two guys remind me of the two pidgeons from the end of “Bolt” that start pitching Bolt ideas for his show.

  5. chuckers

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