Crank: High Voltage, Jason Statham, Chev Chelious, adrenaline, electrocution, concept, gangs, robot head, baseball bat

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  1. Shawn Robare

    Maybe in part 3 someone will take his lungs away and he’ll have to “take the breath away” from a ton of hot women while stealing the last breath from a whole lot of bad guy thugs in order to survive.

    Or maybe his stomach will get removed and he’ll need to continuously eat fatty protein-rich foods to keep from dying. It’s be one long smorgasbord of hedonistic gluttony with ketchup spattered walls and a few bad guys getting eaten along the way…

    I still need to see the first flick.

    • Tom

      My original idea for the punchline of this comic was that he would have to eat a lot of carbs to keep up his energy.

  2. Alexander Burns

    State of Play actually does look pretty good, but by the gods could there be more commercials for it? Seeing three clips of it an hour has pretty much killed my desire to see it.

  3. Shawn Robare

    Oh yeah, I’m a huge Vice Versa fan. 18 Again and Like Father, Like Son just didn’t do it for me. Maybe it’s because of the cool mystic skull in VV. Or it could just be that it was the role Judge Reinhold was born to play.

    • Tom

      I think the skull has a lot to do with it. The movie is kind of sinister with the body changing, now that I think about it.

  4. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    Whoa, weird, you’re at least the second webcomic I’ve read today about a sequel to Crank involving Stathom’s face being removed (well, this one was handled differently, but same basic idea). And I still think that would work (though I’d start to miss his face pretty quickly).

    As for State of Play, I’m actually really interested in it. I love Russel Crowe, and I’ve been hearing good things about it (except for some chemistry problems between Crowe and Affleck; apparently they don’t ‘click’ like long time friends should). I would’ve seen it at midnight last night, but for whatever reason there weren’t any showings at that time. I’ll try and catch it tonight after an afternoon show of Crank 2.

    • Tom

      What was the second comic that made the face reference?

  5. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    A much smaller comic (re: doesn’t have it’s own website), and he’s not exactly a fan of the Crank series. Still, funny stuff.

  6. Jimmy Russell
    Jimmy Russell

    I’m not interested in any of these movies this week. When will Jimmy Russell make his way back to the cinema? Looking at the release schedule I just don’t know. Not much coming out until the big films of the summer that I deem worthy of $10.

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