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  1. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    I’m personally glad the new Fast and Furious did so well. Haven’t actually seen it yet, but Vin Diesel needs the money and good vibes.

    One of these days I’ll be at a convention you’re at, Tom. One of these days (any chance of you at Wondercon next year?).

    • Tom

      I’m not familiar with Wondercon, Dragon. Where is it at? Do many web comic guys show up?

  2. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    It’s Comic-Con’s little sister, held every February here in San Francisco. When I was there I saw quite a number of webcomics represented (though some of the bigger ones, like PVP or Penny Arcade, weren’t there).

  3. kit

    Ill admit i really want to see f & f but never got a chance this weekend maybe a rent. I think it has something to do with speed racer getting me in the mood for watching high speed car chases and such.
    i was never a fan of the first two but i enjoyed myself with the third one.
    but i am still surprised of how well it did at the box office. what do you think will first movie to beat that record this year? Wolverine? T4? Tranformers 2?

  4. The Castro
    The Castro

    I clicked on the link to vote to see the extra comic and……nothing. This is the last time you screw me into voting for you Brazelton.

    On a happier less screwed over thought, I did see Fast and Furious; it was pretty damn cool. Was it the best one? I don’t know the third had Zack from “Home Improvement,” and the first was just awesome in itself. But I really enjoyed the second one, but this one was definitely a good action movie.

    The only problem was the cgi cars, I didn’t notice it too much but when I did i got sad….

    Personally I’d love to see the next one be all real cars doing things you wished your car could do and if anyone out there is in the movie business reading this let me produce it and I’ll find the people to make it happen.

    Oh, one last funny thing about it, near D.C. in the surrounding cities (I live up north a little into MD); cops hung out in long lines waiting for kids to get out of the movies and just pulled them all over for speeding and racing.


  5. totalmoviefreak

    If only you had been here! Then maybe you could have stopped the Fast and the Furious!

    if only….

  6. Donny Drama
    Donny Drama

    Tom, It was awesome meeting you and getting sketches. I’m glad the show was a success for you. Once I get my sketches from the show scanned I’ll send over a link. Thanks again, Donny

  7. nick

    Vin Diesel, for some reason, is just likable. The same goes for Brendan Fraser – no matter how much either of them try to sabotage their careers, I’ll still watch Pitch Black or The Mummy and fall in love again.

    Then again, I won’t be seeing Fast & Furious any time soon. Maybe I’m not a car guy, but there’s no desire there.

    As for Emerald City Comicon, it was a blast! Your appearance was such a pleasant surprise. You might remember me as the kid who ran away and came back with money. I feel so intimidated when I engage people in conversation who … well, I guess you could call yourself a celebrity. But the simple fact that you author something that I read on a semi-daily basis was a little daunting. Which, besides the monetary issues, is one of the reasons I fled the first time I saw your booth! Glad I came back, though.

    You’d best show up next year too! Seattle wants more of you, Brazelton. I promise to work on my social skills.

    • Tom

      Donny, it was great meeting you, too. I’d love to see the scan of my sketch. I always tell myself to take a photo of them before I hand them off, but I never do. Then I end up forgetting what I’ve drawn!

      Nick, I remember you! You were fine, don’t worry about it! I don’t know if I’d call myself a celebrity, but I appreciate that you enjoy what I do enough to be a little flustered. That’s kind of flattering! ;D

      I’d love to come back to Seattle. I lucked out with a cheap flight this year. If I can pull off the same feat next year, I’ll be there for sure!

  8. Kerry

    Tom! We need you in Seattle! Chris Onstad of Achewood just moved to Portland and we need all the good webcomic guys in the Pacific Northwest!

    • Tom

      “If only,” right?

      You know, I’ve never talked to Chris. Never even bumped into him in a forum conversation or on Twitter or anything.


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