Not everyone looks terrible with a 1970’s porn mustache. Vote for Theater Hopper at Top Web Comics and you can see the bonus sketch that proves it!

The dialogue in today’s comic is a little dicey and I’m not quite sure how it got away from me. What started out as having a little fun at the expense of Bill Hader’s character in Adventureland and his unfortunate facial hair turned into a dissertation on 70’s porn, cocaine and pedophilia. Yikes! Cover grandma’s ears!

Oddly, Adventureland takes place in 1987. So I’m not exactly sure where Hader got the idea to accessories his character with a soup strainer that would make John Holmes jealous.

And if you don’t know who John Holmes is, don’t Google him while you’re at work. I’m warning you now.

I’d really like to see Adventureland, but I don’t think I’ll have time this weekend while I’m at the Emerald City Comicon. I’m really excited to be going, but it’s been a roller coaster for me. At one point I thought about not going. It’s REALLY far out of my comfort zone for a couple of different reasons. But I suppose that’s kind of the point. It’s good to push yourself a little bit.

I’ve been encouraged by the comments I’ve been getting from readers telling me that they’re looking forward to meeting me. A few people have promised to stop by. Some of them are excited to get sketches. That gives me hope. At least I won’t be standing around with a confused look on my face. I’m really exited to meet you guys.

I was particularly excited to see a note from Porkfry on my Twitter account last night. I guess he’ll be in attendance and said he wants to meet me.

Web comics fans might recognize Porkyfry as an reoccurring ancillary characters in Penny Arcade (here’s one of his early appearances). He’s a real person, a game tester and a friend of Mike and Jerry’s.

But I’ve known Porkfry since about 2003 when the two of us used to knock around inside a forum community called Hot Buttered Funk. Porkfry is good people. So it’s really cool that, half a decade later, we’d get a chance to meet. I should have gone to the Emerald City Comicon much sooner!

But I’m excited to meet EVERYONE that stops by my table on Artist Alley this weekend. Remember: You can find me in the back of the hall at table H-05 where you can buy books, shirts, sketches or just shoot the breeze. Here’s a map.

Also don’t forget that I’ll be sitting on the Business of Webcomics panel at 1:00 PM, Sunday, April 5 in panel room 3AB with Robert Khoo from Penny Arcade, Danielle Corsetto from Girls With Slingshots and Jeph Jacques from Questionable Content. I’m REALLY looking forward to that.

I probably won’t have access to the site or to e-mail while I’m at the show (I’m leaving the laptop at home), but I’ll likely be Twittering from the show floor. So if you’re attending and you catch one of my Tweets, come by and say Hi!

Until then, I’ll be spending the morning with Cami (who is taking the day off) and Henry before they drop me off at the airport this afternoon. It’ll be nice to have some time with them instead of seeing her off to work and Henry off to daycare before I seal myself up in a metal tube and fly West.

That’s all for now! Talk to you soon!

↓ Transcript
What is that? Are you looking at porn from the Seventies?

What?! No! It's the web site for that new movie Adventureland.

It stars Jesse Eisenberg and Bill Hader.

See for yourself!

This is a comedy? He looks like he should be doing a line of coke in his bathrobe!

I kind of thought he looked like a pedophile.