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  1. Bodyguard

    Monster Squad is the most 80s movie I have ever seen and Wolfman does indeed have Nards! Awesome comic and good luck at ECC. If it wasn’t for my thesis, I probably could have killed two birds with one stone and gone to the Con while visiting my Aunt out there.

  2. Allerdyce

    Man, when Monster Squad came out on DVD, even though I was practically flat broke I found room to fit it into my budget. For me, that’s like a quintessential film of my childhood. I love that movie and all its silly humor for reasons I can’t quite put into words, so it was a real treat seeing this comic up after a long night at work. Thanks again for coming through, Tom!

  3. Jesse

    Hey Tom, it’s Jesse from the DP forums (and from my guest appearance a while back). I have decided to make the hour long drive from Olympia and come up to the convention on Saturday. I have never been to the con before though so I cannot give you any indication as to what it is going to be like. Actually, I have never been to ANY con before so maybe you could give ME some idea of what to expect. 😛

    • Tom

      Jesse, it’ll be a pleasure to meet you in person!

      In terms of the convention, I suggest checking out their web site. In addition to all the vendors selling comics, collectibles and what-nots, there are going to be a lot of celebrities in attendance and various panels that might interest you!

  4. vaguelee

    “What he is asking is Have you ever been ‘dorked’?”

    Classic movie. One of those unfortunatly that does’nt quite stand as well in my eyes as the fond memories. ALso hopefully I can spare you all the pain. Flight of the Navigator and Neverending Story are not as good as you remember!! If you haven’t watched them since you were kids don’t. That may just be my opinion but i was so sad.

  5. the mah
    the mah

    good luck on that panel, im just wondering when you’ll come to the san diego comic-con that would be great

    • Tom

      Frankly, Mah… I’m terrified of going to SDCC. Cami has been egging me on to go for years. But from everyone I’ve talked to, it’s so overwhelming and stressful, I’m not sure I could swing it.

      Certainly going to Seattle is a step TOWARD going to San Diego, though. I at least want to get one convention under my belt where I have to fly to get there. Because from shipping merch to setting up a booth, I have no idea what I’m doing this time out. San Diego would be a bad first convention to experiment with.

  6. Jen

    I love Tom and Jared’s faces in the last panel. For some reason, that just makes the comic for me.

  7. totalmoviefreak

    I have not seen the MvA yet and those its getting mixed reviews, i still have my heart set on it. I like all the pop culture refrences that Dreamworks is known for. I was dissapointed tho that the main character was the 50 foot tall women and that the theme became women emporement. I am a female, and even I’m tired of that kind of story. Oh well, i’ll see it for BOB

  8. jifader

    I’m not going to lie. I own 3 copies of Monster Squad. And yes, one of them is my original VHS. I also own a dvd that was burned from the VHS, and the new special edition DVD. This comic made my heart happy.

    “I’m in the goddamn club, aren’t I?”

  9. the mah
    the mah

    totally makes sense tom, ive gone to the SDCC a few years now and i can say it is very hectic, even as just as an atendee, but so very fun, i do hope you eventually come to san diego, and i just hope the rumors of the con leaving san diego arent true, cause then i would be just really out of luck then

  10. ArkZ

    ill be honest i really liked about monsters vs aliens was the references to where i live… you i live in fresno and have been to modesto… so those lines about fresno just made us all laugh….and you should totally go to comic con… its the only con i go to…

  11. Lonnie

    You have an amazing opportunity to network with some huge people in webcomics and you’re looking to see Fast and Furious? Go out with these guys and talk to them. If you’re on a panel with them, you’ve obviously proven yourself. Don’t let this amazing chance slip away!

  12. Jonah

    Emerald City Comicon is great. The staff is super nice and helpful. If you get to the show and need any help, the volunteers have always been awesome to work with in the past.

    Also, I’ll be the moderator on the Business of Webcomics panel. It should be fun!

    • Tom

      Why, hello, future moderator! It will be good to meet you in person!

  13. Showtyme

    “Wolfman’s got nards!” is the greatest quote ever. I still quote it quite often, but nobody EVER has any idea what I’m talking about. You just became my new favorite person because you used it in a cmoic, Tom.

  14. Donny Drama
    Donny Drama

    Tom, I can guarantee you are at least doing two sketches this weekend (me as Alex from Clockwork Orange and if your willing to try from a photo my girlfriend as Winona Ryder from Beetlejuice(her crazy request)). I think me and my friend are going bar hoping at the local hotels that Saturday night to if you get bored. See you soon, Donny

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