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  1. totalmoviefreak

    Man I was in England all last week and missed all this movie news. But I still don’t wanna see Knowing. I was never a Cage fan. He just seemed so blan and boring. I mean National Treasure was entertaining but not because of him. I do agree he has beeen selling out lately. He either needs to find a really good script soon or just retire.

  2. Orpheus

    I actually really enjoyed Knowing. Not really because of Nicolas Cage, though. He just happened to be in it and not completely suck for once.

    But man, on man, Tom. I do love a good joke at Nicolas Cage’s hair’s expense. Bravo.

  3. Alexander Burns

    Lately? I can’t think of more than three or four movies he’s _ever_ done that I care about. Raising Arizona, Adaptation, and, umm…. Lord of War was okay. I think he’s a talented performer with the right material, but he’ll never draw me to a movie all on his own. As for Knowing, Cage pretty well outweighed my like of Alex Proyas, so I passed.

  4. vaguelee

    I agree mostly with Alex. Except the Crow is one o f my top 5 and Dark City is an underrated classic in my mind. So Proyas trumps Cage.

    I have said for years now that it seems like if Nic was walking down the street and a script fell out a window and hit him on the head, he would do the movie. I hear that Christopher Walken will not turn down any role he is offered and it seems Cage is the same. The only other thing I can think of is that since Nic is a self-admitted comic and gaming nut He may just take parts based on the kewl-ness of the concept. From the prospective of a die-hard 14 year old fanboy the concept of most of his movies does sound AWESOME!!!!! Its just once you consider the process. it all falls apart.

  5. MzGambit

    I saw Knowing on Friday and despite walking into the theather KNOWING that his hair determines the movie… i have to say it was a little bit better than i actually expected. (strictly due to the CGI… that’s what saved the movie) Personally i would’ve edited out the last 30 seconds of the movie… it really was just a friggin filler of excess CGI that made everyone in the theater “boo” and “hiss” (they should’ve saved their money for a more convicing hair stylist for Mr. Cage) However the movie was pretty exciting due to the action sequences. To me, it had a very “War of the Worlds” feel to it…. it was drawn out in the begining slowly pulling you into a story that you honestly could care less about… and then when the action started it slowly made up for your sitting there for the first half of the movie… the action builds each time getting better and slightly more ridiculously attention grasping and then as soon as it gets interesting in the end and you’re satisfied for where the movie is heading… the director pimpslaps you with a “D’oh!” ending that really could’ve saved the movie from an “eh… it was merely interesting” reaction. Like i said… the Action segments due to some very impressive stunt work as well as CGI was actually really really good. Like the airplane scene that they show in the trailer… it’s scarily accurate and realistic to watch… They definitely had my attention

    If anything the movie made me realize 2 very interesting points:
    1. Don’t stare at the sun… it’s dangerous… you’ll hurt your eyes.
    2. Don’t stare at Nicholas Cage’s hair… it’s dangerous… you’ll hurt your eyes.

    i rest my case.

  6. lower-case colleen
    lower-case colleen

    The hair kinda looks like an owl ;D

    • Tom

      Colleen gets it! πŸ˜€

  7. savage

    it was a fun and exciting movie up to 15 minutes before it ended. then the movie “jumped the shark”… 6 times. i lost my innocence that day.

    i do enjoy most cage movies.

  8. bryan

    Demon looks like an owl but it is well known owls don’t eat moose, owls eat squirrel.

    Also maybe unintentionally funny but the comment says that the move made almost $25. I realize that it is supposed to be 25 Million but it looks like 25 dollars especially when you reference the $10 tickets a few sentences later.

    so Mercury Rising.. Uh… I mean Numbers sold one full adult and one senior ticket? Does that mean only Nicolas Cage and his mom went to see it?

  9. Dean

    Personally, I’ve little to no respect for Nic, regardless of my like for Lord of War. He has talent given the right material, but apparently he has NO IDEA what the right material is.

  10. Jen

    I love Nic Cage…. Ok well not love but I like most movies he has been in…. except the wicker man was kinda bleh and his performance as ghost rider was totally wood. ;.; But he was great in National Treasure and face off. πŸ˜€

  11. Damien

    Nic Cage in any role is always Nic Cage. His demeanor, mannerisms, vocal inflection – none of them ever change. The *only* movies I’ve ever seen of his where I thought he did a passable acting job were the National Treasure flicks, and that’s just because the character was basically written to be just like Nicholas Cage. So…the moral of the story is this: don’t ask Nic Cage to become a character. Instead, write the character to be just like Nic Cage and you’ll like him much better.

  12. The Castro
    The Castro

    Ok, so everyone here doesn’t like the Cage. I personally do. The only movie recently of his I missed was Bangkok Dangerous. My buddy told me not to see it. I thought Next was pretty cool, mostly cause I thought it awesome to use to pick up on woman and win at scratch off lottery tickets. He’s definitly a good actor; he’s just hit one of those points where either he’s in high demand or he just wants to make a lot of movies.

    At least he isn’t Samuel L. Jackson. I can’t stand him, He’s in three or four movies a year and then cameos like six, and he’s always the exact same character. When that happens to Cage I’ll be a fan no more.

  13. Matt

    Nic Cage is one of those actors now who only does it for the paycheck, at this point and with the most recent films he’s put have turned me off his movies. I almost expect him to star in the next direct to dvd version of national lampoons, thats how much of a joke he is to me.

    While some of his older movies (Lord of War, Leaving Las Vegas and even Con Air) were great in their own right his new stuff will never be nearly as popular.

    And for the record I did not like him as Ghost Rider either, way too camp for my tastes.

    On a side note I also saw I Love You Man, I agree with you Tom some of the situation Paul Rudd put himself in maybe be squeamish because it’s like that with me. Not that I don’t get along well with people or having trouble meeting people, it’s just that I don’t like most people so it makes it awkward.

  14. kampanye damai

    hehe.. nice your blog… thanks. πŸ™‚

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