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  1. Joe Decker
    Joe Decker

    Actually… I was in a Masonic Temple once and I went to the bathroom… and the was a POOL TABLE in the guys bathroom… A pool table… in the bathroom… and a bunch of couches… and.. well… it was beautiful.

    • Tom

      It has become evident to me that boring bathrooms for men are a regional issue.

  2. Trackrick

    Liam Neeson is the reason that I consider Phantom Menace to be superior to Attack of The Clones, despite the higher levels of Jar Jar exposure.

    Chuck is a great show. Maybe the 3D episode will be the first of many you see! Or have you already watched it and didn’t think much of it?

    The Senator movie theater in Baltimore has couches in both restrooms. But then, it was built in the late 30’s, when movie theaters were classy places.

  3. the mah
    the mah

    taken is a great action movie, saw it about 2 weeks ago, and its just wow, although im worried that it was dumbed down here in the states, because ive heard certain scenes are edited down, or used alternate takes for the u.s. release, hope its still just as good though

    and the bathroom thing, yeah ive walked by some womans bathrooms and i saw a couch and it had wallpaper and other things to make it look all fancy, they always seem to get good stuff.

  4. Jullian Esconde
    Jullian Esconde

    Okay. so for a guy that works at a movie theatre… i seriously gotta high-five you for this recent arc.. I seriously dont know what Ladies do in their Bathroom.. but i ask one question… why are females such pigs in the bathroom…?? really… at the theatre i work in… i tell my ushers to check the mens restroom once… ONCE a day… The ladies restrooms you ask? an average of about 10 times a day..

  5. DadlyEdly

    I second Jullian. I’m a manager at a very busy theater in silicon valley. Why is it, when we supply toilet seat covers (affectionately known to us as “ass gaskets”) do women still get so grossed out at the thought of using our toilets that they won’t sit down and end up missing the toilet? Is this unique to Silicon Valley? I feel bad sending people into the women’s restroom to clean it! I almost never feel bad about sending someone into the men’s restroom! I can understand needing to restock toilet paper in the women’s restroom more than twice as often as in the men’s, but why do women feel the need to leave the restroom so much nastier?
    Come on, ladies! Don’t leave it so bad!

  6. mechacaro

    In response to Jullian Esconde’s comment, I also worked at a theatre for a long time (a few years of which were spent as an usher, and I am female) and at times, the women’s restroom checks were a nonstop torture!
    I think that part of the reason that the women’s rooms got trashed so much quicker, is because of children. Little kids tend to end up going potty with Mommy, and not all Mommies care about cleanliness (especially if they are in a public place, where it is someone else’s job to clean up after their messes).
    So, if you have kids, please don’t let them destroy a bathroom (especially boys who aren’t very good with “aim” in a non-kiddie toilet; make them just “sit and tuck”!)!
    Also, teenage girls sometimes hang out in there, even though they’ve (presumably) paid money to not watch the movie they paid for, and they also do not care what kind of mess they make because they do not have to clean it up.

  7. mechacaro

    Oh, and about the couches: Those couches in women’s rooms are a mystery to me, too.
    Honestly, from my previous experiences in women’s restrooms (I could tell you some truly disgusting tales), I wouldn’t go anywhere near a couch that is in the same room as toilets.

  8. Mike

    I sincerely encourage you to check out Chuck tomorrow night. The show is by far the most entertaining show on TV – the perfect combination of action, comedy, and romance. It doesn’t take a lot to get into it – you don’t need a ton of background, and it’s great escapism TV, especially for anyone who characterizes himself as a bit on the nerdy side. Watch it!

  9. Kerry

    Man, being a janitor has filled me with many traumas, the largest one was realizing that the woman’s bathroom is BY FAR the grossest creation known to man. They are as a rule at least twice as terrible as mens bathrooms, plus they get full of terrible menstrual cycle evilness. Main reason, urinals really do make everything easier for everyone involved.

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