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  1. JClark

    Hey Tom, like I said on Twitter, I love the redesign. It’s clean, the ads look better integrated, and I really like the banner image. It just pops.

    The only slight issue I see right now is that the rounded corners on the blog entry don’t quite work, but then I’m using IE6 at the moment (not by choice), so that’s probably the problem right there.

  2. Cody


    Love the new site. I only see one problem: the top lines of the 2nd panel are cut off, like the comic doesn’t fit the frame. It may just be my browser. Is any one else having this problem?

    Also, Theater Hopper is my all-time favorite webcomic.

  3. Tom

    Cody, thanks for your feedback. I see what you’re saying about the cutoff. That’s weird, because it displays fine in the folder ( I’ll have to see if maybe there isn’t some CSS that’s cutting it off up there.

    Jay, I know there have been some problems with IE6 – I use it myself at work and have the same problems. But I think we’re good everywhere else!

    Thanks for the compliments from both of you guys!

  4. Scott

    Looks great here Tom, I know a good deal of work went into it! I checked in a couple of browsers and IE 7 & 6 does cut off a bit of the top of the strip (the words “You were” are chopped). In firefox it looks great!

  5. Kaykordeath

    Am I missing the link to REGISTER at the THorum? I can find log-in, but no registration link….

  6. Bishma

    Bishma approved.

  7. Trevor

    I like the new website design, Tom. Less dark than the last one, more chipper and cheerful. Brighter, even.

    For the record, not all of your ads show up and some of the ones that do are not very contextually relevant (ie: why is there an ad for anorexia pills?). I’m not sure if you can control the content of your ads, but if you’re trying to keep the site kid friendly then you may want to consider trying to get rid of the “you’re too fat” ads.

  8. Gordon McAlpin

    Nice! A minor quibble: The space between the ads/graphcs/stuff alongside the strip could be reduced a little bit so that it’s the same height. It’ll just look a tiny bit cleaner that way.

  9. Tom

    Kayordeath – I don’t know what was going on with the THorum, but the Register link is now back on the site. It’s in the upper right hand corner!

    Trevor – I’m not sure why all of my ads aren’t displaying unless there is something I’ve done wrong in the setup. Or are you at work? Because sometimes I notice ads blocked at work that aren’t blocked at home.

    I can control the context of my ads somewhat and I agree that those anorexia pills don’t fly. Thanks for giving me the head’s up on those. I’m going to try and take them down.

    Gordon – Are you saying adjust the spacing with the stuff on the left so it matches the height of the comic? I can do that for the most part, although I have some guest strips that don’t match the height (thinking about pulling those out of the archive and giving them their own page). I need to go back in, though, and add a copyright, year and URL to all of my comics for people who try to link directly to the strip.

    Great feedback, guys! Keep it coming!

  10. Ray


    Love the new layout. I especially like the “Tag this Page” feature. Helps keep my “Bookmarks” folder in Firefox, nice and clean.

  11. Mike

    Tom, as a reader since near the beginning, I was slightly apprehensive about a new design, but you really hit it out of the park with this. It looks fantastic, so clean and sharp. Very well done.

    Also, I’m really looking forward to the Year 3 book. Glad it’s finally ready to go!

  12. Seraphyn

    It’s a rare occurance, but I love the new lay-out.

  13. Chris C.

    Way to bend WordPress / Comicpress to do your bidding. You have a really nice site design, Tom. But, if you think you’re done, you better think again. Once you learn how to get under the hood, you will want to constantly tweak things. It’s like a drug addiction.

  14. Orpheus

    The site looks great to me, Tom.

  15. Jon Scrivens

    Love the new look Tom, WordPress/Comicpress are a brilliant method when used correctly and you have 😀

  16. Trevor

    @Tom: I see what Gordon is saying. If you look at your comic and the ads opposite it, there’s a lot of space between the ads which cause them to be slightly longer than your comic page. I think he’s suggesting that you lessen the space between the ads so that they are the same height as your comic page.

    • Tom

      I’m still tweaking things a little. What I’ll probably end up doing is increasing the size of the comic image to include a copyright, date and URL. So, that way, when people link directly to the image, there’s still a chance they’ll come back to the site.

      That added height should even things up with the ads.

  17. Tianree

    hey there, love the new site layout,
    one minor quibble- you seem to have lost the navigation options at the end of the Blog bit, not major but I’m just lazy and usually leave it till there’s a few comics to read but like to catch up on the blogs too!
    oh and happy new year!

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