Not much to say about today’s comic other than I plan on taking this “heavy helmet” gag and driving it straight into the ground. I’m starting to enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to tell the same joke.

I don’t do it very often, but it was fun putting together a strip without dialogue. I’m more-or-less known for sometimes over-explaining a joke in the comic or cramming a wall of text down the audience’s collective throat. So it’s fun to try and communicate something visually for a change.

Not much else to say. Hey, did you read my review of the Iron Man DVD I posted yesterday? You should read it! I mostly talk about the extras in the 2-disc ultimate edition since I already gave the movie a pants-wetting review back in May. The extras are so good on this thing, it’s criminal.

Incidentally, I mentioned in the review that there were extra collectors editions floating around at different retailers. I mentioned Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target by name because those were the only retailers I knew of running a promotion. Turns out there are EIGHT of them!

Think about this for a minute. EIGHT!! There are EIGHT different collectors versions of Iron Man floating around on the market right now. Each with their own exclusive bonus content.

Let me run down the list for you:

Circuit City – Access to exclusive Marvel Digital Comics featuring the artwork of Adi Granov.
Best Buy – Custom Lithograph created by Marvel artist Gerald Parel.
Target – Target Deluxe Edition includes exclusive Mark III mask packaging. Available on both the Ultimate 2-Disc Edition and 2-Disc Blu-ray.
Costco – Giftset includes the Ultimate 2 Disc Edition DVD and 3 Iron Man Bobbleheads, with all 3 Iron Man suits from the film. Giftset includes the “Battle Damaged Mark II,” available exclusively in this giftset at Costco.
Walmart – Two exclusive SKUs. Ultimate 2 Disc Edition packed with an exclusive comic book chronicling the Nick Fury story. The single disc giftset is packed with the 1st episode of the new Iron Man animated series.
Kmart & Sears – Save $5 on the Ultimate 2 Disc edition with any $25 Craftsman purchase.
Trans World – FYE and Suncoast Exclusive Steelbook Package available on the Ultimate 2- disc Edition.
Borders – On pack collectible book featuring original sketches by Bob Layton and the top 24 comic cover of Iron Man.

On the one hand, I think all of this additional material is great. On the other hand, I kind of hate Marvel for exploiting my completionist desires and my giving disposition.

I suppose if I were to obtain any of those extra bonus editions, I’d go for the one from Best Buy because the mini-bust feels a little more substantial to me than, say, $25 off my next Crafstman purchase. But that’s just me.

Iron Man Best Buy mini-bust

I’m a little twitchy for that Borders edition, though, with the original Bob Layton sketches. Layton, as you recall, is one of my most favorite Iron Man artists. I was lucky enough to meet him at Wizard World Chicago this year.

Anyway, that’s just a little poke for your bread basket. All of the additional promotions caught me off guard. I thought you’d get a kick out of them as well.

I’ve been hammering away at the DVD reviews lately and wanted to let you guys know that I have a review for The Love Guru DVD release that I will be posting tomorrow. With that review and Friday’s comic that follows, that will be two solid weeks of Theater Hopper updates. I bet you didn’t know I cared that much, did you? Well, I do. So keep checking the site.

Have a happy Wednesday!

↓ Transcript
Tom's overweight Iron Man helmet prevents him from sitting upright on the couch.