I’m aware that indie movies were already once skewered in My Big, Fat Independent Movie. I just like the idea of The Coen’s scraping the bottom of the barrel with a “wacky” parody movie.

I think they actually are going through with an Indie Movie… from the “Movie” Movie people. Scary Movie, Epic Movie, Date Movie and so on. I don’t follow what those guys do very closely. I find it depresses me to know too much.

For the record, I don’t find it surprising that The Coen Brothers would follow up No Country For Old Men with Burn After Reading. I mean, when you’ve already done something as serious, violent and poetic as No Country For Old Men, what other direction could you go in? You might as well blow off a little steam.

Although I think The Coen’s have an excellent perverse sense of humor, I really haven’t been a fan of their recent comedies. The Ladykillers seemed like an excuse for Tom Hanks to try on a Foghorn Leghorn accent for size and Intolerable Cruelty pretty much cooled me to the idea of watching Catherine Zeta-Jones in anything ever again. I guess I like my Coen’s dark and foreboding. Miller’s Crossing? Fargo? Hell, yes!

I didn’t get a chance to see Righteous Kill like I had hoped and I’m kind of bummed because I don’t think we’ll get another opportunity to see DeNiro and Pacino work together like this on screen again anytime soon. Certainly if the film’s 3rd place take at the box office has anything to say about it.

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↓ Transcript
I find it odd the Coen Brothers chose to follow up No Country for Old Men with a wacky espionage caper…

I’m sure they’ll return to drama. It’s not like they can get much wackier!