Don’t front. If you heard Don LaFontaine’s voice booming from the heavens, you’d be crapping your pants.

As any movie-love worth their salt already knows, the well-known-but-unknown voice over artist for all manner of movie trailers and television commercials Don LaFontaine passed away Monday. Don is best known for coining the phrase "In A World…" when announcing the next big summer blockbuster and – darn it – if the world won’t be poorer for it now that he’s gone.

For a lot of people, Don’s voice WAS the movies. Literally generations of film-goers grew up with him introducing their movies to them. The man leaves behind a mighty footprint and will be sorely missed.

Tons of tribute videos have been cropping up around the internet since news was made of LaFontaine’s passing. You might have seen this one already, but it gives a great overview of the man and his history in the industry and is worth the handful of minutes it takes to watch…

If you have a little more time to spare, check out this video featuring Don as well as four other well-known-but-unknown voice over artists in a piece filmed for The Hollywood Reporter Awards a few years back. You’ll crap when the guy from the Disney films shows up.

Apologies for there not being a comic on Monday. Between the Labor Day holiday and Cami’s birthday that day, I just got caught up in family stuff and couldn’t pull away to do a fresh strip.

In truth, today’s comic was a bit of a chore to put together. I’ve been in data management hell for the last 24 hours. I’m too tired to go into it now. Just let me get back into the swing of things a little and I’ll start posting to the site again with some more in-depth news.

But, for now, it’s Wednesday… It’s Hump Day… Let’s leave it at that.

Talk to you all soon. Have a great day!

↓ Transcript
Can you believe Don LaFontaine died?

I guess he’ll be narrating trailers for the angels now…

Hey, Guys! Don is here! Do you want him to announce the end of days, or what?