So this was the comic that I conceived over a week okay in coordination with last Monday’s comic. Admittedly, it would have worked better as the one-two punch I envisioned it to be, but real life just got in the way.

Man, I gotta build up a buffer of some kind. I feel like I’ve squandered the good will built up from that Monday comic. People really seemed to like it.


The good news, however, is that I found some great new light-effect brushes for Photoshop last night! See the light coming from behind Tom’s head? Nice, huh? Thanks, Internet!

I guess since I’m in the mood for full disclosure, I have to fess up to some Mike Myers level self-plagiarism. I stole the last panel of today’s comic from one of my previous comics. I suppose I could call it an “homage” but I don’t know if that would be entirely truthful. I actually tried drawing something different, but it came out too disturbing. Originally, it was going to be an overhead shot, almost behind the shower head. You were going to see Tom’s side butt – or haunch – entirely. Believe me, I’m saving you a lot of trauma. The panel from the previous comic was just too choice not to reuse. So, there you have it.

Don’t worry. Tomorrow’s comic will have completely original art. I’m finally starting to level out a little bit after coming home from Wizard World Chicago. Seriously – you almost need a day or two just to recover from these things. A lot of talking with people, loosing your voice, heavy lifting and extended driving. I’m always glad to do it. I’m just not as young as I used to be!

Be sure to check back on the site tomorrow. I have a great comic on Wanted ready for you. Followed by a comic about Hancock on Friday.

See you then!

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