Friday’s comic was posted exceptionally late due to internet problems and evening social obligations. So if you missed it and want to know why Tom is naked and dirty in today’s comic, you might want to go back and read it.

I spoke in Friday’s blog about having a review ready for Iron Man on either Saturday or Sunday. That didn’t happen. I held back. I have the review completed, but I didn’t want it to be buried under a weekend post, so I’m saving it for tomorrow.

I’m excited to share my thoughts about the movie, but I found the process of writing the review somewhat daunting. For starters, it had been a while since I had written a review and I fear I may have lost a sense of critical review versus plot review. Secondly, as this last arc has illustrated, I may not be the most… objective person when it comes to reviewing Iron Man. You know how hard-core I am about the character. How can you NOT take my opinion with a grain of salt. To that end, why write the review at all since pretty much everyone knows what the final verdict is going to be?

I guess, for me, it was an important exercise to undertake. Both to knock off the rust around writing a review and also because… frankly… I felt it was somewhat expected.

Enough self-analysis! You’ll read the review tomorrow!

If you feel like waiting 24 hours for the review is too much to bear, I hope you all tune in to The Triple Feature podcast tonight over at TalkShoe. We’re start recording at 9:00 PM and you can listen in live. Not only that, but you can participate in an open chat field, call in and – most importantly – SUBMIT QUESTIONS! Since I don’t think Joe or Gordon watched Made to Honor this weekend (although counter-programing seemed to work in its favor since it did $15 million at the box office), there’s a good chance we’ll be filling the hour with talk about Iron Man and I KNOW you have opinions about it!

If you like, you can submit questions to me beforehand at But we’d really like it if you would call in to participate and ask us directly.

We hope to see you there!

↓ Transcript
Hey, Cami. Sorry to bother you, but I forgot my coat.

No problem, Jared. Let me get it. How was Iron Man?

It was excellent. I had a great time!

That's good to hear. Where's Tom?

He loved the movie so much, he insisted on staying for the next showing. He said he's catch the bus home.

Oh. I guess I should expect him later then...

Sir, you have to leave the theater! We're closing now!

NO! I live here now! Tony Stark said I could!