Some of you aren’t going to like this comic because it doesn’t reference anything specifically movie-related. Some of you will be annoyed that you have to read Monday’s comic to even understand the reason why Tom is in a library in the first place.

I say, “I don’t care. This one is for me.” Sometimes it’s just fun to do something random and paint Tom as more stupid than usual. “Too stupid to live,” I believe is the phrase.

Hey, if the writers of The Office can have Michael drive into a lake because a GPS in a rental car told him to, I can get away with having Tom insist literature come with an A.V. option.

Face facts, there aren’t that many interesting movies hitting the multiplex in the next few weeks. March looks like an unusual dry spell. We talked about this curious fact during Monday night’s broadcast of The Triple Feature podcast. Yet, we were still able to fill an hour full of rich, buttery movie discussion. You should download it and give it a listen if you haven’t already. It was a good show. We didn’t have a lot to talk about in terms of new movie releases, but we had fun talking about some of the latest DVD releases and the new Speed Racer international trailers. Fun times!

Not much else to report from Casa de Brazelton except today is my last day at my 9 to 5 job. I performed as a web designer for an insurance agency for the last 5 and a half years. I found another opportunity doing web work for a larger insurance company and I start that job on the 24th.

What does this mean to you? Maybe not as much as it does to me. Admittedly, I’ve been stressed the last week. But I’m taking some time off before starting the new gig and that means a site redesign I’ve been kicking around since last October might finally see the light of day before the end of the month. Theater Hopper will become my 9 to 5 for the next week. So in addition to dedicating myself to the redesign (which includes integration with WordPress, I might add), I’ll also be working on a few DVD reviews to post here to the front page. So keep your eyes peeled for those!

In the meantime, I’m wrapping up my job duties today, celebrating with my soon-to-be-former co-workers tonight, swinging by the comic book shop to pick up a few books on the way home and getting ready to see Henry Rollins perform a spoken word show here in Des Moines tomorrow night. Did I mention the first wave of Iron Man toys that tie in to the movie hit shelves today?

The next few days are going to be sweet.

See you here Friday!

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