I was looking at my map overlay statistics from Google Analytics recently. It tells me roughly how many visits are coming from individual countries around the world. You can then narrow the focus down to states and even cities.

Anyway, I was looking at my map overlay stats from February and was a little disappointed to see that Iowa ranked 24th on the list of states that visit Theater Hopper most often. Where’s the love from my home state heroes? I know there’s only, like, 30 of us with an internet connection, but c’mon!

Interestingly enough, the most traffic I receive comes from California. By a wide margin, actually. Almost double that of it’s closest competitor, New York.

So that means I’m really big on the coasts in the two largest entertainment markets, apparently.

How am I supposed to interpret that? Am I seeing this traffic from California and New York because they are states with very high populations? Or are these industry people checking out what I do? Individuals that could possibly open the door to a little networking and help me circulate the comic among more industry professionals?

People who follow web comics know that if your comic is about video games, it’s almost a certainty that it will become a success. Lots of gamers spend time online and media for them is geared toward that.

To that end, I never understood why movie comics hasn’t reached the same kind of instant appreciation. There are just as many movie fans online and all of them have strong opinions that they like to share. Is it quality that’s keeping them away or something else? Have movie comics failed to capture the imagination of media professionals in the industry that could help get the word out?

That’s why I’m throwing down the gauntlet. If you work in the movie industry, I want you to contact me. If you work for the media that covers movies, I want you to contact me. I want to start establishing connections, networking – even if it doesn’t lead to anything. How well known is Theater Hopper in the circles you travel in – if at all? I’m more curious than anything else at this point. Let’s start a dialogue!

Contact me!