That’s it. I’ve official flown off the reservation. Once you start making Prince Valiant references, there’s really no going back. Relevancy is out the window.

What’s next? Cracking jokes at the expense of the Texaco Star Theater?

Yup, I’m just digging a deeper hole.

Maybe it’s appropriate that I’m making cracks like these on a Leap Year. You’re not going to read lame one-liners like these for another four years! Scout’s honor! I’d probably be better off making jokes about Semi-Pro since it comes out today. But I kind of blew my chance by making fun of it last week.

Much has been made of Javier Bardem’s haircut in No Country For Old Men. Apparantly the Coen Brothers saddled Bardem with the unfortunate look after stumbling across a photo of a brothel patron from 1979. What I wouldn’t give to see that original photograph. I’d love to meet the man that walked around with that haircut sincerely. You know at some point in his life when he was sporting that look, he’d glance at himself in the mirror before leaving that day thinking, “I look gooooood!”

Poor, poor soul. The brothel patronage is starting to make sense.

Not much else to report at the moment except that (as previously mentioned) I have my eyes on Semi-Pro this weekend. Yeah, it’s like, the umpteenth dumb sports comedy starring Will Ferrell. But I’m still excited for it.

Actually, I just saw a trailer for another movie he’s in this summer with John C. Reily called Step Brothers. It speaks a little more to my sensibilities since, y’know… I don’t like sports. So I have to look foward to in case Semi-Pro bombs.

We have some friends coming into town this weekend who’ve expressed an interest in seeing Be Kind, Rewind. I’m not against the idea, even though I’ve heard the ending kind of falls flat. I probably wouldn’t have an excuse to see it otherwise.

Oh – last thing… Did you guys watch Lost last night? Did you happen to see the new trailer for a certain Golden Avenger? A totally EXCELLENT new trailer for Iron Man hit the airwaves last night and the internet soon thereafter. This is the superhero movie to beat this summer, if you ask me. Move over Hulk. Step aside Batman. Tony Stark is going to hand you your asses. “Talk to the repulsor, cuz the face don’t want to hear it!”

Then again, I might be a little biased…

This is about one-fifth of my total Iron Man figure collection. If the photos from the 2008 Toy Fair are any indication, I’ll be adding to it very soon! Guess who’ll I’ll be going as for Halloween!

Have a great weekend! See you here on Monday!

↓ Transcript
You shouldn’t be so quick to judge. It’s not like you don’t have your own subjective reasons for liking certain actors!

Like who?

Like Javier Bardem. We both know the only reason you liked him in No Country for Old Men was because of that weird haircut of his you have a thing for.

That’s a lie!

Oh, yeah? Then explain to me why you’re the only person born after 1947 to belong to the Prince Valiant fan club!

Would you please wear this wig just once? It would make me so happy!

For the last time NO!