Apologies for the lateness of today’s post. For some weird reason, I was having a really hard time connecting to the database that updates the blog component of the site. I guess lucky for me that the comic went up on time?

Onto the movies…

I was watching a commercial for Witless Protection the other day and it occured to me that Larry the Cable Guy has been showing up in an awful lot of movies lately. And I’m not counting ensemble pieces likes Cars or The Blue Collar Comedy Tour. I’m talking about straight-up top billing.

First there was Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector in 2006, then Delta Farce in 2007. With Witless Protection coming out this weekend, that’s three movies in three years. I think that’s a dangerous trend. If Larry the Cable Guy continues to spit out this kind of quality with continued frequency, it won’t be long until he becomes the Earnest P. Worrell of the new millenium.

Today’s comic was maybe a little bit harsh on fans of Larry the Cable Guy and I realize it’s unfair to categorize people based on their preference of something subjective as comedy. For example, if you’re reading my comic, there’s probably no accounting for taste. I plan to explore that idea further in Friday’s comic. So if you want to see Tom get his come-uppance beyond the realm of atomic wedgies, come back for that.

That said, I am kind of annoyed that so many people fell hook, line and sinker for his redneck character considering he pretty much started his career as a carbon copy of Joey Gladstone from Full House.

Geeze, what’s with the 80’s references today?

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That’s enough of the self-promotion for now. You guys take care. I’ll see you here on Friday!

↓ Transcript
Oh, great! Another movie starring Larry the Cable Guy! Who keeps going to his horrible movies?

Brain-dead Nascar dads, that’s who!

Monosyllabic mouth breathers that wouldn’t know real comedy if it bit ‘em on their NRA-card carryin’ butts!

I like Nascar.

You gotta give him credit.

I thought for sure your shorts were gonna rip before he got them over your head like that!