Happy Halloween, everyone!

I’m a little disappointed that I can’t do a traditional dress-up comic in honor of the holiday. But right now the story consumes all. I care only about telling the story.

And what about the story? You didn’t expect a Jared arc about his Ben Affleck hatred to go on for too long without an appearance from Holden McNeil himself, did you?

Originally, I envisioned teasing things out a little longer. I wanted there to be a question as to if Affleck was actually visiting Jared or if he was just a figment of his imagination. It drew things out a little longer than I would have liked, so I pretty much let the cat out of the bag immediately. I think within the context of Jared’s fragile mental state at the moment, it doesn’t feel out of place.

This is the part of the story where Affleck shows up in a mentorship role. I figured it was the least I could do after regarding him so poorly in past strips. It’s a fun way to flip expectations.

It’s kind of a trick pacing these things. I have a rough outline in my head and lots of ideas as to where I can take the story. But I don’t want to leave you guys on the string for too long. Plus, now that we’re entering the holiday blockbuster season, there will be more films I’m going to want to talk about. I imagine it’ll probably take me another week to wrap this up.

Hey, in case you missed it yesterday, I posted to the site again. Worth a read if you wanted to know what I was up to this weekend.

More recently, we finished recording another Triple Feature talkcast. Check that one out if you have time. I think we put together a really good show on Monday. We came up with a schedule to discuss specific topics and we stuck to it! Amazing what a little organization will do for you!

Something I forgot to mention in Tuesdays blog was something I was doing while I was at the Iowa Mini-Con comic book convention on Saturday.

I totally forgot to bring any business cards or fliers, so I decided to make some business cards on the fly out of some 3 x 5 notecards I had with my merchandise. The idea was to give away these pieces of original art with the URL on them in hopes of motivating people to check out the site.

I gave a way a few and then drew replacements. Most of them are of the Theater Hopper characters in dress up as sci-fi and comic book characters. So I guess you get your Halloween dress-up after all!

Anyway, check ’em out…







I got a real kick out of thinking of stuff on the fly. It’s a challenge I don’t often undertake. The cards were very well received. Some people asked how much they cost! For me, it was more of a goof. But it got me thinking that stuff like this might be fun to include for people interested in buying the Theater Hopper: Year One or Theater Hopper: Year Two books.

When I did the pre-sale for the first book, I made original sketches part of the deal. I didn’t do it for the second book because I found the process kind of overwhelming the first time. I think I did close to 100 different sketches.

But it’s been a year and I’m recovered. As of right now, I’m adding original sketches as a bonus to every purchase of Theater Hopper: Year One or Theater Hopper: Year Two.

Everything in the store is $15.00 and you save more when you bundle items together. If you make a book purchase and want something specific, e-mail me with your order information and I’ll make it happen.

The holidays are coming up. Get either one of these books for the movie fan in your family. It’s an original gift, to say the least!

Thanks again for your support. Have a great day!

↓ Transcript
Things used to be so much more simple…

… when I made crappy movies, eh – old friend?

Ben Affleck!

Ohmigosh! Are you really here right now?

Of course not, you idiot!

You went off your meds! Don’t you remember?