I was trying to think of something witty to talk about in today’s blog post or at least something movie-related. But this is the down side of doing a longer story arc. There’s not much to say. I can’t really tease too much what’s going to happen. So I feel like this blog post is the internet equivalent of two people sitting in a room together staring uncomfortably at each other.


I guess I can say that I’m having fun writing Jared as emotionally conflicted. It’s probably funnier for me since I know the real-life Jared and he’s about as mild-mannered as you can get. To depict him as aggressively bi-polar (and violent, to boot) is endlessly hilarious to me.

I know that for you, the reader, your perception is somewhat different. After all, this isn’t the first time that Jared has demonstrated random violence in the strip. Some readers have come to know him as mostly quiet, but secretly unhinged. I’ve read descriptions of him where I think to myself “No, that’s not him at all!” But then I look at the comics and think to myself “Well, I can kind of see how you came to that conclusion.”

The tone of today’s comic is somewhat apt because I’ve been in a cranky mood lately. I can’t discuss it. I’m not even sure if I can put a finger on it. But let’s just say that I’m someone who is very in touch with his anger. I’m not advocating violence as depicted in the comic. That’s just taking a mood and exaggerating it for effect. But my personal interpretation of anger is that it can be an effective tool and not always a negative. Anger is the flip side of passion, if you ask me. It can be scary, it can be confrontational, it can be ugly. But anger should never censor itself or be censored by others. People wouldn’t work themselves up into a frenzy if they didn’t care.

And that’s the opposite of anger. Listlessness, uncaring, unengaged. I would rather have someone angry at me than disinterested in me.

Wow. What a weird little essay to attach to a comic about a guy who has lost his hatred toward Ben Affleck.

Not much else for you today. Download Monday’s Triple Feature talkcast if you’re so inclined. It was a really weird show. It just kind of… stopped. I guess that’s what happens when we go a week without talking to each other like we did last week due to technical difficulties. We get rusty.

At any rate, download the show. Complete your collection! Gotta have ’em all!

See you later.

↓ Transcript
What went wrong?

Dude, I don’t know! I was totally ready to hate Gone Baby Gone.

But after watching the movie, I started thinking about all of the time I’ve wasted hating Ben Affleck and it all just ebbed away!

That’s great! Maybe it’s a sign of maturity!

You don’t understand! I’m aggressively bi-polar! If I don’t have Ben Affleck to focus my anger on, I’ll start taking it out on friends and family!

Point taken!