So today’s comic is a continuation of the story arc I kicked off last Friday in which Jared has a crisis of faith in the wake of Ben Affleck’s directorial debut of Gone Baby Gone. Lest you think I’m pumping up the quality of this picture to service the needs of my story, check out the 93% positive rating over at Rotten Tomatoes. It’s got to count for something.

I know today’s comic doesn’t exactly deliver the funny. But sometimes you have to sacrifice a day for the greater good of the story. Jimmy getting thrown out of his house (lo, those many years ago) didn’t exactly illicit chortles, either.

Exposition, folks. Exposition.

As to why I’m going back to storylines, if you didn’t read last Friday’s blog, I strongly encourage you to do so. I posted it a little last week and it explains a lot. Including stuff going on behind the scenes that prevented me from doing what I’m doing now.

Back to movie talk (sort of), I didn’t get a chance to see Gone Baby Gone this weekend. I mostly spent my time catching up on household duties after being in Chicago last week. I had kind of let the grass grow in our yard a little too long before I left and then we got a full week of rain. So I spent about 2 hours mowing, re-mowing, raking up clippings and fertilizing the front yard and another 3 hours the next day doing the same in the backyard. Plus, I had to clean out the garage and, well… isn’t the minutia of suburban living interesting?

At any rate, if you want to see some photos of a walkabout I took in The Windy City, I posted them to my Flickr account. I was bitching and moaning about it in my personal LiveJournal about it all last week, if that interests you. It might give you some context, especially about the crap-tastic Congress Hotel, where I stayed.

Incidentally, while I was in Chicago last week, I hung out with Gordon McAlpin from Multiplex and we tried to get our weekly installment of The Triple Feature talkcast off the ground with our good friend Joe Dunn from Joe Loves Crappy Movies. Talkshoe was broken, or something, so we had to abandon the show. But we’re giving it another try tonight! So be sure to participate this evening at 9:00 PM CST. Hopefully we won’t have any problems!

That’s about it on my end. See you Wednesday!

↓ Transcript
Where have you been?

I went to see Gone Baby Gone.

What did you think?

Compelling direction, brilliant plotting and superb acting.

Sounds like you had a good time.

I had a terrible time!

I think I’ve stopped hating Ben Affleck!