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  1. Dawn

    As a theatre worker, really, we don’t care if you leave an empty box of Milk Duds on the floor. Or even your popcorn container. What we *don’t* like to find is pop spills. Horribly time consuming to clean up (particularly if they’re in the back row & have run down half of the auditorium or have sat there for multiple showings). Frowned upon is excessive popcorn spills, but we’d still prefer that over the soda. Now, if you had extra butter on your popcorn & it’s smeared across the floor… eh, it might as well be a small pop spill – we’ve still got to get out the mop & go through that fun. Personally I hate the customers who say “Well, on the upside, you’re getting more hours for taking the extra time to clean it up & therefore earning more money.” Yes, we are then staying up later into the night, but many of us still have to get up at the same time in the morning to go to our school/other job. So what they may see as extra money translates to us as less sleep. And if the person in charge that night decides they don’t want to be there later than normal (or the company doesn’t want to pay any extra hours), a lot of times we’re not given enough time to *properly* clean the floor. Sure, it’s “clean”, but you may end up with sticky-theatre-floor syndrome. And when you do get the company who cares about every minute detail of customer comfort (ie, no sticky floors), the extra hours their workers take just translates to higher costs at the concession stand.

    So… go ahead & leave a mess in the auditorium if you want – you will pay for it somehow.

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