There’s a lot of talk about the new Apple iPhone being released today.

Guess what? I GOT ONE!

It was totally by accident. Cami, Henry and I were wandering through the mall today and our AT&T store had a sign out front that said “Only 14 iPhones left!” I didn’t think much of it because I knew it was too expensive for me to purchase, so we kept walking.

Later, we came home and I got online. I was reading articles about iPhones for sale on eBay with price tags over $1,000!

So I sat at home wringing my hands and debating about whether or not to go back to the store and grab one. I even consulted my LiveJournal friends. With their encouragement, I raced back to the store and bought one. I’m glad I did. I spoke to the manager and he said their location was the only one in Iowa, Minnesota or Nebraska to have any iPhones left in stock.

So, of course, our new iPhone is now on eBay. It’s a three day auction that I started for $650. We’ll ship overnight anywhere in the world, so if you’re interested, bid away! If you have friends who might be interested, let them know, too!

Cami and I are planning to take any profits from the sale and put them toward Henry’s college savings fund. It might not sound very exciting, but we’re trying to be creative. So it’s all going toward a good cause. Good for Henry, anyway. 18 years from now.