Hey, guys. I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone about The Triple Feature talkcast tonight at 9:00 PM CST over at Talkshoe.com. Tonight Gordon, Joe and I will be discussing Knocked Up and taking your calls LIVE!

I haven’t really given T.T.F. the red carpet treatment in a while, so I really want to call your attention to it. Gordon, Joe and I have put almost two dozen shows under our belt and I think we’re really hitting our stride. We’ve been getting lots of compliments not only for our film criticism, but also for our individual sense of humor. I think tonight’s show is going to be particularly good because we have one guy who’s dating, one guy who’s recently married and one guy hitched up for the last seven years with a new baby in tow. We cover the entire demographic spread for Knocked Up and I think it’s going to be really interesting to listen to how each of us applied our personal filters when watching this movie.

Any way you slice it, you’re going to be entertained – so why not give us a try? If you miss tonight’s live broadcast, you can always download it later – which we encourage! – but golly, it sure would be nice if you could join us in real time!

See you tonight!