Do you guys remember when I went to Wizard World Texas last year and they broke into my car? Yeah, well… they stole all of the 1" buttons I had made up as a giveaway at the convention. It was a way to attract people to the booth and it worked pretty well.

Anyway, even though I’m taking a hiatus of sorts, my mind is still in "creative" mode and I was thinking now might be an opportunity to work on some new button designs. I thought I would solicit you guys for a little brainstorming!

The old buttons basically had a movie reel and the site URL laid over it in red and black. Nothing fancy. This time I was thinking of doing some sloganizing. Fun little saying that people who like movies could wear on their jacket, or what have you.

So far I’ve come up with the following:

  • No, I don’t want to upsize my combo.
  • Please take your feet off the back of my seat!

As you can see, neither of these slogans is probably going to set the world on fire.

Do you guys have any thoughts about ways I could twist these slogans into something funnier or maybe a little punchier?

Incidentally, I wouldn’t mind taking this opportunity to brainstorm a few t-shirt ideas as well. I posted a couple of designs in the THorum last year that seemed to get a favorable response. I’m thinking now is the time to put my nose to the grindstone and produce a couple of them.

Are there other designs you would like to see? Maybe we could adapt some of the button slogans for the t-shirts?