I’m so excited! I just talked Cami into seeing Pan’s Labyrinth this weekend! Originally, she had been resistant to the idea. She doesn’t really care for fantasy movies. But as we’re closing in on our due date (less than a month away!) more and more of our friends who have kids are telling us “Go out now while you still can! Go on dates! Go out to dinner! Because after the baby, IT’S OVER!!!”

So, we’re taking that to heart.

I had to do a bit of bargaining to make this happen. I promised Cami I would see that new Diane-Keaton-gets-laid movie Because I Said So in a couple of weeks. I had to promise not to make any disparaging remarks about the film excluding the idea I had for a comic revolving around the movie I’ve been sitting on for two weeks. Those of you in relationships might recognize this kind of compromise.

The good news is that I got a really good idea for a comic that I can use for tomorrow’s update out of all of this. Gotta keep your eyes peeled for inspiration!