Still recovering from my trip across the pond, but surprisingly, the jet lag hasn’t hit me yet. I went back to work yesterday and was fairly functional! I’m just worried that at some point I’ll be driving on my way to Arby’s this weekend and a sudden bout of narcolepsy will drive me into the median. Keep your fingers crossed, kids!

Big thanks to Jonah and Jeremy Gregory for today’s guest strip. I’m always a sucker for a great Muppet Babies reference! You should really check out their comic Random Pirate Comics. What’s cool about it is that you’re not enjoying one comic, but several! You have to visit the site to see what I mean. So what are you waiting for?

I know I said that the guest strips would end after today, but I actually got a couple more in my inbox that will carry us through over the weekend. The one I have on deck for Sunday will be a nice little bookend to my extended hiatus. But I promise I’ll be back in action on Monday again.

At any rate, be sure to come back to the site both Saturday and Sunday for some extra goodies.

As I mentioned yesterday, in addition to extra guest strips, a few more pre-orders for the book came in while I’m away. We’re closer to our goal, but still a long ways away. I’ve been trying to stay positive throughout the entire pre-sale event, stay excited and hopefully get you guys excited as well.

However, at this point, with the June 11 deadline for pre-orders looming, I have to take a more realistic approach.

I don’t think we’re going to make the goal of getting 300 books. What that means for those of you who have placed orders, I don’t know. I’d still like to go forward with it. There are too many of you who’ve shown faith and support in this project to turn tail and run. Whether that means I order a lower print run and lose a cut of the potential revenue or if I try to scrounge up some money on my own to pay for the difference, I haven’t decided.

But whatever the outcome, today is payday. So if you were thinking about pre-ordering a book at all, today is the day! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY OF THE BOOK TODAY!

Thanks again to everyone for their support. One thing is for sure, this has been a real learning experience and I still think there are lessons for me to learn. So in the very least, I am greatful for that.

Talk to you soon!

↓ Transcript
Have you heard they're making a prequel to the original Star Trek? It's supposed to take place in Starfleet Academy and show when Spock and Kirk first meet.

Are you kidding!? No one is goiing to accept other actors as Spock and Kirk! Their fanboys are too rabid!

Unless they go back even farther...

Alright! Spock and I will distract Nanny while Bones climbs to the top of the fridge and gets the cookie jar!

Dammit, Jim! I'm a baby, not a trapeze artist!

I'm a Tribble!